The holidays are coming up and looking around it makes me wish for the old days.

I can hear the leftists now, you are a boring old conservative.  They’ll say that instead of asking the real question, why?

The excitement and joy of Christmas seems gone in today’s modern world.  The wonder, people actually wishing others peace and happiness and meaning it, not that it was a given to say to others.

I looked at my leftist friends and they seem determined on making Christmas more like, well, Halloween or something.  Drab colors, boring get ups, and no heart behind it all.  Its like they purposefully go forth to destroy the heart of Christmas.

But what is the heart of Christmas. Continue reading…


Pearl Harbor

76 years ago today at five minutes to 8 AM in Hawaii the silence, and peace, was broken by the sounds of approaching planes.  Those stationed on the military bases and ships looked up never expecting what was about to happen.

Imperial Japan struck first using planes from six aircraft carriers to launch a surprise attack upon the US Pacific fleet based in Pearl Harbor.

There is a lot about the subject written, supporting both a conspiracy and denying it.  However, what it did do was bring a nation together.  Americans learned of the attack while listening to the baseball game on the radio and newpaper extras. Continue reading…


Merry Christmas They Said.

Its that time of year where everyone seems to get triggered when told, “Merry Christmas” when leaving a store.

Why, oh why, are so many afraid to hear these words?  The left cries they are forcing their religion down upon me.

I wasn’t aware of bodily tying them up, and then forcing them to church?  When did that happen when wishing someone Merry Christmas?  Am I doing it wrong?  Perhaps, just perhaps, I should be tying these leftists and atheists up and dragging them to church to make sure they receive God’s word. Continue reading…


Mayfield and the Easily Offended

Yesterday, in case you missed it, during the Big 12 football game between Oklahoma University and Kansas University there came some bad blood.  The result, the thin-skinned people who are easily offended by an obscene gesture.

Mayfield hurled a few ‘fuck yous’ to the Kansas crowd and team while grabbing his crotch (twice).

Oh my, what a offensive thing to do.  After all, that’s never been done before, ever.  I’m sure no player on the Kansas sideline had ever heard fuck you yelled at them before.  Not in this day and age.  I’m sure these puritans were completely shocked upon hearing such language wondering where it could have come from. Continue reading…



So, have you heard of this one?


Yep, where someone thinks they are of a different race than the one they are born of.  Let’s let that soak in for a second.  Do they really want your race to be gender fluid?

What happened to just not caring about what race you are?  What happened to treating others as you are treated?  When did this happen?

In case you’re a bit lost, saw this on my news feed today.

Transracial man born white feel like he’s filipino.

Yep, you read that correctly. Continue reading…



Well, another shooting has occurred, and as my custom I wait a bit before speaking about it.  I do this to let rumors die down, and for the truth to hopefully come forth.

What has come to my attention, isn’t that we need to ban guns, but once more its something about society.

Let’s look at three recent shootings this year:

The first one, against a Republican Congressman who was with a group practicing with other Republicans.  The only one to die was the shooter himself and the others who were shot were fortunate to recover.  The shooter, a left-wing activist. Continue reading…


Astros World Series Champions

Got through watching a great World Series last night between two great teams.

Congrats to the Astros for winning the series and their first championship in team history.  Honestly, one of the best WS I’ve seen.  There was a little bit of both throughout the series.

Listening to some before the series started I expected the Dodgers to run though the Astros, but having watched the team all year I realized it would be a close series, going 6 or 7 games.

Looking back at the series, the turning point to me was in the 8th and 9th innings of game 2.  You have the Dodgers up 1-0 in the series, up 3-1 in the game and a closer coming on with one on in the 8th.  Jansen is considered the best closer, and I’m sure at the beginning of the game if you asked any Dodger fan, they would be all right with this situation. Continue reading…


Red Pill Black

Browsing on YouTube I ran across this wonderful interview from The Rubin Report where they interviewed Candace Owens.  A delightful, wonderful young woman to listen to as she talked about her journey from being on the left to being on the right.

It started out innocently enough, wanting to expose internet bullies and who they were.

Sounds like a great idea, I’ve seen some on the internet who use their anonymity to bully and harass others.  I have seen for myself on the internet hateful and harassing bullies.

What was interesting was how others reacted to her proposal.  She put it up on Kickstarter, a whole three minute long proposal.  She got a call from a leftist group saying to stop her project.  If she didn’t ‘white supremacists’ would target her.  She said no. Continue reading…



So another weekend of football came and went and found myself thinking about this topic, sports.

I spent the weekend rooting for the Houston Astros over the New York Yankees, a I have been an Astro fan for a long time.  I’ve been to a few games, including a double-header in the Astrodome.

But this wasn’t about baseball, no, it was watching sports on Sunday.

Five years ago I can recall eagerly waiting for the sports analysts to begin on Sunday morning.  I’d tune in and watch as they went over the teams, the players, who to watch for, who they thought wasn’t doing so well.  Their predictions of who would win and why.  Even going over how players were performing on the field.

During the week I’d flip on ESPN, or the NFL Network, or the local guys and listen as they talked about this player, or that team.  They’d argue who was better, or why they sucked. Continue reading…


Fool Me Once

Well, with all the talk about ‘Fake News’ and such being tossed around it was only a matter of time before some ding-bat thinks the government should get involved.

Three such people, Abby K. Wood, Ann M. Ravel, and Irina Dykhne, have come up with a bill they hope is proposed and made into law called, Fool Me Once.

This recommendation to regulate ‘news’ to be done by the government is absolutely terrifying and should be to anyone with a brain.  I’m at a loss as to how such a proposal wouldn’t be a violation of the 1st amendment. Continue reading…


Hollywood’s Hypocrisy and Sexual Assault

There was a big deal recently over Harvey Weinstein and women coming out talking about how he sexually assaulted, or abused him.

Now, such things have come out about Hollywood now for years, even decades of women being abused, or forced for sexual favors in order to get the part of some movie or TV show.  Its a disgusting practice which its time for it to end.

Yes, the disturbing thing about all of this, is the lack of outrage by the left.

Remember Bill Cosby? Continue reading…


Thought on the Las Vegas Shooting

The shooting in Las Vegas was terrible, make no mistake about it.  But, as someone who tries to look beyond the event, I had several thoughts.

First off, how were the different sides going to react?

I knew this question would all depend on the race, and religion of the shooter.  What sickened me was the reaction by a faction of the left which saw the event, a country concert, and made it a political one.  There were tweets by many talking about they were glad, and hoped a lot of Trump supporters were killed.

Yeah, way to go left, way to be supportive of people who just lost a loved one.  Doesn’t matter which political party, or who they voted for. Continue reading…


Videos and the Media

I realized as I watched the news that I’m becoming more and more skeptical of videos shown on the news (and audio clips).  Such videos no longer have that same shock impact, or unbiased observer they once had years ago where a video was proof positive of what happened.

News agencies are being caught more and more having doctored the video, or leaving out some important part.  They filter the video for their own political narrative these days.

Questions are raised in my head about if the video was edited.  What happened before the video occurred?  Is it staged?  What else was going on?

The simple questions we all should ask when seeing videos. Continue reading…


Alejandro Villanueva Stands

Well last weekend a Pittsburgh Steeler, Alejandro Villanueva, came out of the locker room and stood for the national anthem.  Doing so was his right, the same right Kaepernick had to kneel.  But Villanueva was forced to apologize for his actions while Kap did not.

So what’s the difference between the two?

Villanueva stood which goes against the leftists agenda.  So as a result the left berated him, shamed him, attacked him until he apologized.

Villanueva stood for what he believed.  He should be allowed to do so as much as Kaepernick knelt.  If you are for freedom of speech, you should allow both.

But it seemed the team didn’t agree.  I’m sure that privately some on the Steelers do not agree with the stand, but coming out publically would cause the media and leftists to attack them.

So much for freedom of speech. Once again, its freedom of speech, as long as you agree with what I say.