No Words

The amount of stupid in the world seems to be increasing.  Sure, the left would point to how intelligent they are, how they are pushing things and their intelligence shows they are correct.

But saw an article recently that shows how unintelligent the special snowflakes really are.

Princeton is celebrating  five year reunion.  The organizers thought it would be fun to have a Star Wars theme.  Hey sounds great, a little sci-fi fantasy, something a lot of people enjoy.  Even people I know who are not Star Wars fans are familiar with the saga a bit. Continue reading…


Trump’s Speech to Congress

So last night President Trump gave his first speech to Congress. And a couple things were shown.

First off, Trump is thinking about America. Not the world, or muslims, but Americans. Been eight years since we had a President do that.

The other two things are actually a bit more disturbing to me and show the true nature of the party of the left.

First off, when introduced, the democrats failed to stand or clap for the President. This shows a lack of respect, not just for the person, but more for the office of President. You cannot clap during the speech, shake your head if you disagree, but what democrats did was a distinct lack of respect for the office.

Imagine the outrage by the left is republicans failed to stand or clap when Obama was introduced into the Chamber.

The second shows the disrespect of the left towards the military. During the speech there was a honor to a fallen American soldier and his widow.

What did democrats do? Continue reading…


Media’s Job

I did a post not long ago regarding the media, Trump and trust.  Now, just a few days ago it comes out that MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski made a comment which does not add to the trust of the media.

She said, ‘Its our job to control what people think’.

This about this for a second.  Control what they think.

Imagine if FOX News said this instead.  The left would be in full meltdown mode. Continue reading…


Media, Trust and Trump

President Trump went and had his first meeting with the media and there seems to be a lot of aftermath surrounding it. From the left there are trumpets of how Trump has destroyed the trust of the media.

Media and trust?

Those two words have not gone together now for years, if not decades for anyone seriously watching the media and their biases. Continue reading…


Vetting Immigrants

Vetting it not as big a deal as the left would have you believe.  In fact, one can trace such things back as a logical step when allowing immigrants into a country.

Back in the late 1800s we used the word quarantine instead of vetting because the threat was different.  But a threat did exist to the public.

Instead of crying about it, or protesting, the government did what was right to protect the citizens of the country from immigrants carrying in diseases into the country.  They put them in quarantine. Continue reading…


Pro-Trump Grammy’s Dress

So at the Grammy’s Joy Villa made an appearance in a dress which had the words ‘Make America Great’ on it.

Now the dress probably triggered several snowflakes out there and will no doubt hurl hatred at a black woman. Which makes these snowflakes not only triggered, but sexist as well.

Put that aside, the designer is one Andre Soriano, who immigrated to the USA from the Philippines, and is a successful business owner. He is also, surprisingly to the left, a Pro-Trump supporter.

Yes, Trump supporters come in every color and sex as well.

But my take for the dress. Its ugly. Continue reading…


Government and Technology

A few days ago reading the paper I was struck by something I read about inspecting the oil rigs. Apparently there are not enough inspectors for the number of rigs. As a result, according to the government there are not enough inspectors to make sure the roil rigs are operating properly.

That wasn’t all, it appears that they cannot even determine the history of fines and violations each company and rig has gotten. This is due to the fact that the computer system they use is 40 years old, and few, if any, employees and inspectors even know how to use it.

Let’s think about this for a second. Continue reading…


Technological President

Almost 85 years ago a President passed by the media to get his message out. Today its considered a tremendous technological achievement.

The President was Franklin D. Roosevelt, and what he did is known today as Fireside Chats.

The radio was still a fairly new invention. The cutting edge of technology and by going to the radio FDR could reach millions of Americans without the biased filter of the media.

Today its considered a brilliant stroke of genius. Continue reading…


Liberals vs. Left

Something interesting I have started to see recently. The left is not as united as they claim to be in their actions. There is a crack among the left, and it divides those who are liberals, and those who are leftists.

What do I mean?

Its really simple, liberal by definition is open to new opinions and willing to discard tradition. It does not say must discard, and closed to new opinions. Continue reading…