Hillary’s Campaign

Recently there has been some new information about Hillary Clinton’s campaign and how it was run during her attempt to become the US President, and its not flattering.

The book, “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign” which is on sale spotlights several areas.  So far there are several articles as the media has tried to understand what happened despite their over the top favoritism towards her. Continue reading…


United Incident

By now, almost everyone knows about, or has seen, what happened on a United Airlines flight where the police dragged a man from the flight to make room for an air crew for another plane.

The entire thing actually makes me mad on many levels.

United, for what really is poor foresight on their part.  You would think that in today’s world of computers and scheduling an airline would know when it needs to send an air crew to a certain destination.

Its almost inexcusable for this to happen.  Lay it out, make sure the crew is on for the flight without bumping anyone and your good to go. Continue reading…


Segregation Coming Back

When it comes to racism, one thing which was fought against was segregation among the population.  No white or colored differences, after all we’re all part of the same race, humanity.

However, it seems that some groups are advocating such things once more.  Ironically its not the KKK, or some white separatists group, but one of the darlings of the leftist elites.

Black Lives Matters.

BLM in Philadelphia has issued that for their April 15 protest, whites need not show up.  This protest will only allow blacks.

Even their twitter, they go on about how its only for blacks.  Yet somehow that’s not decimation and racism in their narrow minds.

Why should I support a group which actively bars me from their activities?

Answer, I won’t support such racism in this world.

Of course they say such things like they want their own space, but if a white group said that, its racism.  Typical double standard by the left, and they wonder why people are fighting them back.

It seems like the more they double down, the dumber they sound.


Computer Games

So, earlier this week I was reading though the newspaper and an article caught my attention, “Feminist Hero Gives Gamers Glimpse of Future” by Wie-Huan Chen in the Houston Chronicle.

The article is about a new computer game coming out called ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ which has a main character who is described as ‘strong-willed and not a sex object’ and goes on to give glowing reviews of how this is a ground breaking game.

Now, I love computer games, and have played many, including many RPGs and MMOs.  I have found that offering only one character isn’t ground breaking, no matter the fact that its a woman character. Continue reading…


All or Some

Ever had an argument with someone on the left and done this:

Me: We need to be wary of radical Islamic terrorist.

Lefty: You’re islamophobic, you are aware that not all muslims are terrorists.

It leave me going, huh?  What just happened?  I’m sure you’ve seen it as well. Continue reading…


Sunday Thoughts

Its Sunday morning and thought I give a few thoughts and observations on things in general.

First off, I am Christian, well, technically I’m Lutheran which is a sub-sect of Christianity.  That means I’m not Catholic, and there are slight differences, but we still all believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God, celebrate Christmas and Easter.

Next thought was racism.

Watching a lot of videos of Colin Kaepernick and reading comments its amazing how many view it as racism.  It led me to thinking a bit, have we, as a country gotten better or worse.  Short answer, it appears worse. Continue reading…


No One Wants Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick and his supporters are aghast that the free agent QB hasn’t been picked up since splitting with his former team, the 49ers.

With everything from racism to politics being slung about out there, let’s look at something else his supporters might not want to look at.

He’s just not that good.

Yep, he’s just not that good.  Even pushing aside the political time bomb he carries to any new team, there is his ability.  Is he athletic, yes.  But there are questions about his health.  Did he fully recover from surgery last year?  How healthy is he this year? Continue reading…


No Words

The amount of stupid in the world seems to be increasing.  Sure, the left would point to how intelligent they are, how they are pushing things and their intelligence shows they are correct.

But saw an article recently that shows how unintelligent the special snowflakes really are.

Princeton is celebrating  five year reunion.  The organizers thought it would be fun to have a Star Wars theme.  Hey sounds great, a little sci-fi fantasy, something a lot of people enjoy.  Even people I know who are not Star Wars fans are familiar with the saga a bit. Continue reading…


Trump’s Speech to Congress

So last night President Trump gave his first speech to Congress. And a couple things were shown.

First off, Trump is thinking about America. Not the world, or muslims, but Americans. Been eight years since we had a President do that.

The other two things are actually a bit more disturbing to me and show the true nature of the party of the left.

First off, when introduced, the democrats failed to stand or clap for the President. This shows a lack of respect, not just for the person, but more for the office of President. You cannot clap during the speech, shake your head if you disagree, but what democrats did was a distinct lack of respect for the office.

Imagine the outrage by the left is republicans failed to stand or clap when Obama was introduced into the Chamber.

The second shows the disrespect of the left towards the military. During the speech there was a honor to a fallen American soldier and his widow.

What did democrats do? Continue reading…