US Coast Guard and OK Sign

So, by now you’re probably aware of the recent reports by left wing mainstream media over a supposed white power sign done by a US Coast Guard person.  If you are not on live TV covering the landfall of Florence a person in the background did a sign.

It was so outrageous to the left they demanded action.  The Coast Guard responded by removing the man.

What terrible sign did he throw up?

The okay sign millions all across the US have used. Continue reading…


Don’t Force Your Lifestyle On Me!

How many times have conservatives heard this, or even Americans in general heard the following phrase:

“Don’t force your lifestyle on me!”

I’m sure by now you’ve heard this phrase in one way or another throughout your lifetime.  I’ve seen it many times, from my political view to religious views, its a mantra of the left.

But is it accurate? Continue reading…


Kaepernick and Nike

It appears that Nike has a new face for their ad campaign coming up and its none other than Colin Kaepernick.  The same one who started the whole kneeling before games to protest during the national anthem.

Of course it pissed of a bunch of people, unless you’re living under a rock and didn’t think it would.

Personally I only have two things to say about this.

First off I’ve never considered Kap a good QB.  In fact even the year the 49ers went to the Superbowl with him as their QB I wasn’t sure about his abilities.  Before he ever started his kneeling I questioned how good he was.  Now looking at his career he is, at best, a back-up QB. Continue reading…


Blue Wave?

So, for the past couple of months I’ve read about this ‘Blue Wave’ all the experts at all the news organizations are expecting.  They are hyping up a massive democrat surge in seats taken all over the country.

Now normally I would say this, its historically happened, so why is this one so important?

The answer to anyone should be easy to find, its anti-Trump, and to an extent anti-Republican.  So they are hyping it to cover their embarrassment in the 2016 election.

However the media blatantly is ignore several factors which could become important. Continue reading…


Go Woke, Go Broke!

So, I was introduced to this idea of ‘Go Woke, Go Broke’ by a YouTuber that I watched for things other than politics.  Though in the past year its become more and more political due to policies pushed upon the industry by outsiders.

The concept is quite simple, a company adopts leftist ideas and they end up going broke.

This can be seen in many areas across the nation. Continue reading…



So, I really haven’t been watching this movement much but it appears to be gaining strength lately.  I decided to go and watch a few videos.

The last couple of days was spent watching videos of the WalkAway movement and videos of those on the left dismissing the movement.  It was interesting to watch.

Watching the videos I saw a theme start to develop.  These people were not walking away from their beliefs, or values, but moving away from a platform which no longer supported their ideals. Continue reading…


Censoring InfoWars

InfoWars, the channel by Alex Jones.  A far-right wing site and group.

Now the left in their heavy-handedness has finally managed to censor the channel on many forums, like Facebook and YouTube.

But is this really a good thing?

For years the left called the right the Nazis, the group which is for fascism, and taking away people’s rights and freedoms.  Yet with this move the left is only confirming the real truth.

Its the left which is taking away people’s rights and freedoms.

All over the internet on social media the left is trying their best to silence the right.  What happened that caused the left to go full fascist?

Simple, they controlled all of the info flowing though here at one time.  Most people who tweeted, posted stories on FB, or did channels on YT were liberal.  Sites were up all over and info was flowing all over, but it was also mostly liberal and turned leftist as the left has grown in power in the past 15 years. Continue reading…


Pictures of Trump

Its truly amazing how the left is acting when it comes to President Trump.

Just look at pictures they share and use, like the ‘paintings’ that actor Jim Carrey does.  Or even the photo shoot of Kathy Griffin holding the head of a severed Trump.  The left has no problem with such pictures and artists drawings.

Yet a new picture has gone and triggered the left: Continue reading…


Dangerous Content

Finally had another dangerous content warning for my site.  The page in question had actually been up now for two years, a meme of liberals, guns and illegals:


Apparently that was dangerous content for AdSense to put a warning on the page.

Now, to anyone on the left all this really does is show your inability to allow someone else to take an opposing view.  Second, I get almost nothing from this site, maybe a few pennies.  Honestly I get more income from finding money on the ground walking around than I do this site.

But its also showing how disconnected the left, and its companies like Google, have become.

On YouTube many non-political people are being de-monetized because someone on the left didn’t like their opinion on something.  Many are scared that their income will be taken away because some SJW thinks they were insulted.

Google, you are not too big to fail, and embracing SJW issues will not help you.

Time and again I’m seeing how companies which embrace such issues end up doing worse.  The public is turning on them.

But for me, if that’s dangerous content, and it took them two years to ‘find’ it, then its more political.  Especially considering I have ‘conservative’ in my web site.

Waiting for the time when the entire website is considered ‘dangerous’.  Then, I’ll just be laughing at how thinned skinned the left has become.




About a year ago I watched a video of Cassie Jaye.  For anyone who doesn’t know she is the one behind the film, “The Red Pill”.

Now, this isn’t a post about feminism, but something she said in a while talking about her journey in the movie.  She went out and met with the enemy and did something very intriguing.

Its listening to what others have to say.

I can hear everyone saying we already do that.  No, we don’t. Continue reading…


Sports and PC

Sports these days are becoming increasingly more and more ‘politically correct’ and infected by the SJW crowd.  This isn’t a good thing.

There were two incidents just recently which occurred that had me questioning things.

First off, this morning I read an article about the Detroit Tigers who fired one of the coaching staff.  Why?  It seems he made a racist remark.  In the article I found nothing which said what this coach had said.

I went to a few more articles and still found nothing specific, only vague comments of a comment this coach made.  I even read where the Tigers were not sure what he said. Continue reading…


Democrats Immigration Bill

So, the democrats hastily put together a bill, S.3036, and called it the “Keep Families Together Act”.

I wonder if they went though and actually proofread it and thought about it logically in their haste to write it.  Going through it I see some potential problems with wording, which is typical of such laws.

Take sec 2 a:

An agent or officer of a designated agency shall be prohibited from removing a child from his or her parent or legal guardian, at or near the port of entry or within 100 miles of the border of the United States,

Going down a bit to definitions in sec 11, 5, it states Homeland Security, DOJ, Dept. of Health and Human Services. Continue reading…


A Russian Election Theory

Lately there has been a lot in the news about immigration.  We’ve all heard the news, and ‘outrage’ about separating kids from their families.  The left has been on a tear over this for the past week.

But have you heard of another bit of news about immigrants?  A federal judge struck down a Kansas law to require proof of citizenship to register to vote.

Let’s think about this for a second. Continue reading…



Addiction, according to the dictionary it means:

  1. the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.
Its an extremely toxic action that many of us are aware of.  We hear about from the media, friends, family, co-workers, and more.  It comes in many varieties such as alcohol, drugs, even porn.What we don’t talk about is the dangerous addiction of the left.

What addiction you might ask?

The addiction of championing something.  The left is all about being someone’s champion.

Look at any leftist group.  They are out being the champion of some group, from blacks to muslims to the LGBT groups.  They will assail you with pages upon pages of victimization caused by some majority, usually white, Christians, or the right.

Many such causes start out with some justification which is used over and over again as this addiction takes hold.

By now you’re asking, why is this a bad thing?

Well, what happens with the left is after they win a point they don’t sit back and go its better now.  They have hit a high, they got something done!  Now they need to find the next thing to champion so they can get their next high.

With each step they get further and further outrageous to gain more and more attention.

Its the reason why 15 years ago if one saw an article claiming ‘snow is racist’, we’d all laugh and know it was satire and probably from the Onion.  Today, we no longer know if its satire, and in fact on one college campus students readily signed on to ban “White Christmas” because it was racist.

This is a perfect example of the championing addiction.  They are constantly looking, and finding, something to champion no matter how outrageous because they’ve become addicted to it.

Like a drug addict they don’t see the harm they are creating.  They’ve allowed themselves to believe they are doing the right thing for someone else.  They are ‘helping’ some poor soul who can’t speak for him/herself.  They become immune to anything other than something that supports their narrow conclusion.

Debate is pointless with these addicts.  Its why they call anyone who dares challenge them names.  To them that person isn’t human.  They will scream any number of names, do anything do shut them up, and not care at all.

The addiction is that powerful.  That’s what we are up against in the far left.

Continue reading…


Youth In Commercial

By now, most of you have seen the following commercial by Liberty Mutual Insurance:

I despise the commercial.  No, despise isn’t a strong enough word.


Look at what is shows.  You have three teens who got a flat tire.  What do they do?  Call someone else.

Think about that sad statement.  They called someone else.

Just thirty years ago this would have been considered laughable.  If I did this in high school my friends would have laughed at me.  I’d be known as the guy who couldn’t change a flat.

In a way this shows how backwards our thinking has become.  When a problem arises we have to call someone else.  We don’t roll up our sleeves and dig in and solve the problem, or in this case, change the tire.

I had friends in high school who could change out the engine of their car, and even a few girls.  Today, how many can say the same thing in an upscale school district?  Probably not many.

Back when I went to high school, if this commercial came out we’d have laughed at it.  Today, people think its a good idea.

We continue moving in the wrong direction.