Fidget Spinner?

So, it appears a few days ago the left went crazy once more.  Nothing new about that, but this one irks me a bit.


They are going after Donald Trump’s son.  You see, he was pictured leaving Air Force 1 with a fidget spinner.

What’s so bad about that?

It seems the left has taken the fact he plays with one to make fun of him.  They state he has to have one because he’s mentally ill, which is why kids play with them.

Um, no.  The fidget spinner is one of the most popular toys out there at the moment.  You can see them all over and by every age.  Yet the left attacks the President’s son.

Imagine if Sasha and Malia had been photographed with a fidget spinner and Obama was President.  The press would have said the teens were typical teens playing with what is fashionable.  Not anything about their mental health, and anyone who did would have been, and rightly so, criticized.

The left is showing time and again how hateful and spiteful they are with these attacks.



The left always seems to leave me confused most days.  Recently that confusion has only grown making me wonder if they even know what they are protesting or doing.

Its been almost two years since a certain Charleston Church shooting happened which tragically killed 9 people.  In that shooting the left tried to tie it to guns, and then race neither of which the community supported.

Instead, the left focused on a single photo the teen had taken which showed the confederate flag in the background. Continue reading…



So, President Trump did a tweet with the word ‘covfefe’ in it.

Despite the negative constant press covfefe

That was the tweet the president sent out.  And boy, did it cause a firestorm.

But, is it really something worthwhile or just something for the left to point to with their small brainpower?

Personally, I think its a distraction to the left so they don’t have to talk about what Kathy Griffin did a few days ago which was absolutely disgusting.

Back to ‘covfefe’.  Despite the attempts at humor, this will be something which will last and I can see actually becoming a word.

Think about that, thanks to the left’s mindless ranting, this nonsensical word (which I assume was a typo of some sort) will be around for a while as its definition starts to become clearer.

And, how many Presidents have invented a word on a whim?

And, honestly, the reaction by the left is so mind-numbing shallow its perfect for them.

So, covfefe y’all.


Kathy Griffin

How many recall not long ago when the left went absolutely berserk over the fact that a rodeo clown used an Obama mask.  Never mind the fact that clowns had used Bush previously.

But now, forward to today with a new president, Trump and what happened only a day or two ago from a , so funny comedian Kathy Griffin.

Now, I won’t post the picture, as I feel its way too much, but it shows her holding a decapitated head of a bloody Trump in her hand.  The picture is totally tasteless, and, honestly, disturbing.

But, what is more disturbing to me is the attitude of the left.  It shows the reality of how much they actually hate Trump.  Sure, Griffin pulled the picture from her Twitter, but the reality is already out there.

Truth is, the left despises Trump so much they would actually post such things.

Imagine the outcry if some comedian had done this with Obama?  Their career would have been over.  Instead, we’re told she ‘apologized’.  Never mind the fact people had to see this, and Trump’s 11 year old son had to see it.

Really, Griffin’s career should be over as well, but the left will defend her because they allow their own hatred to overrule anything else.


Miss Black University of Texas

So, you think racism is on the decline?  Think people actually look at others without looking at skin color?

You might want to guess again with this bit of news and reading comments about this online about the winner of the Miss Black University of Texas.

Apparently Rachael Malonson, who won the pageant, isn’t ‘black’ enough for those on the left.  Reading though comment after comment that she should be considered ‘black’ if both of her parents are not black. Continue reading…


President Trump fires FBI Director Comey

So, the big news this week was Tuesday President Trump fired FBI director James Comey.

This is a big deal, but made even bigger by the left-wingers who made themselves look foolish over it.  For months they’ve scorned Comey over his handling of Clinton’s e-mails, and some are even claiming he lost Hillary her bid to be President.

They called for former President, Obama, to fire Comey before Trump took office.  Which Obama failed to do.

Some democrats have even called Comey incompetent or worse. Continue reading…


Hunger Strike At Yale

So, let’s ask the question.  When is a hunger strike, not a hunger strike?

Answer: when its done by college snowflakes at Yale University.

Yep, the students there are going on a hunger strike, but its not really a hunger strike.  You see, they may eat when they feel hungry.  A pamphlet posted on twitter states that the strikers may leave and get food when they feel they can’t go on.

Gandhi, they are not. Continue reading…


Modern Feminism

So while watching a video on women in the military, I read an interesting comment. A lot of guys wouldn’t hesitate to jump on a grenade to save his fellow soldiers.
Would a female?
In society all too often we see and hear about how a guy sacrifices himself for others, yet I can’t recall many stories of the opposite. Guys are engrained with that, its biological to protect the female.  But that is considered wrong and sexist to the modern feminist.
Watching an Israel military commander talking with feminists was like him talking to a wall.  The feminists didn’t want to hear how women are being hurt in training at very high rates, up to 50% in some cases.

Continue reading…


ESPN Firings

So, word came out that 100 people at ESPN are losing their jobs.  What is telling is what they are doing and how people are reacting to it.

Numbers are down over at the sports channel, the one which when it first came out wow its audience.

It was sports, sports, sports.  24/7 sports and all types of sports.  One could listen to ESPN news and get all the scores, up to date information, and the latest rumors of your team.

What happened? Continue reading…


Racism Endgame

So, I was flipping though videos on YouTube and came across a video of Morgan Freeman being interviewed by Mike Wallace.  Its a bit old, but still, what he says is very telling especially in today’s racist charged world.

In the interview, Freeman drops what could be a bombshell on the left.  He doesn’t want a black history month.

What?  Gasp and shock! Continue reading…


Political Sexual Assault and the Left

So the recent firing of Bill O’Reilly leaves me wondering about feminism and what it actually considers to be worth going after.

There is a report, ongoing, that O’Reilly propositioned some women to go back to his hotel room.  This is apparently sexual harassment to the left, after all O’Reilly is a conservative in their minds so is a dirty old man.

But it leaves a question.

What about Bill Clinton?  He after all actually  did more yet the left turns a blind cheek.  Oh, that’s in the past?  Well, if Bill Clinton did it today, would the left react as they are against O’Reilly?  Probably not. Continue reading…


Hillary’s Campaign

Recently there has been some new information about Hillary Clinton’s campaign and how it was run during her attempt to become the US President, and its not flattering.

The book, “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign” which is on sale spotlights several areas.  So far there are several articles as the media has tried to understand what happened despite their over the top favoritism towards her. Continue reading…