One Man and History

We often hear about how I’m only one person, what can I do?  As it turns out, a lot if history has anything to say about it.

A young man, wanting freedom for his country went about to gain that freedom.  However, his actions would shape an entire century for better or worse.

He was a young revolutionary and wanted to gain his country’s freedom by any means necessary.  In fact he has seen a lot according to his young life, so much so he wanted to do something and made this quote:

I am the son of peasants and I know what is happening in the villages. That is why I wanted to take revenge, and I regret nothing.

And about forming a country for which he was so proud of, enough to kill, he said this:

“I am a Yugoslav nationalist, aiming for the unification of all Yugoslavs, and I do not care what form of state, but it must be freed from Austria.”

A young man who was so indoctrinated by propaganda for a nation which didn’t exist, he was willing to do the unthinkable.

So, on June 28, 1914 he set out with a group to assassinate the Archduke of Austria-Hungry, and a man, who perhaps, was really his best hope for getting what he wanted.  Instead, he shot and killed another man, setting off a chain reaction which was all but unstoppable.

The cost, some 16 million died in the trenches of the first great world war, and killed many civilians.  The result would be a rapid world-wide epidemic made worse by men returning from Europe.

The war would create the pathway for the next great war, one which would see almost 3% of Earth’s population die and spread across the globe.  The result of that war would create the Cold War which helped shape our current world today.

Gavrilo Princip, with a vision of propaganda set out and set in motion the events which would shape our world today.

For better or worse, he shows that one can shape the world, but the results may not be to our liking.  Yogoslavia no longer exists, and his home area is still an area of unrest in Europe with civil wars still brewing.

Was he successful, no.  He didn’t have a clear endgame like so many which is a true shame because you can effect things, but without a plan the result could be even worse for everyone.



Things That Make You Go, Huh?

George Clooney, the actor who has been outspoken against Trump and his stand against illegal immigration.  Clooney has stated that the President is an ‘idiot’ and is ‘intolerant’.

Clooney went so far as to move from the US, one of the few who did, to the UK.  HE’s even said the following about Angela Merkel’s stance in Germany:

I absolutely agreed with it in the beginning .. it is an amazing policy. […] So, you’re hoping to encourage that behavior because it’s been sort of a beacon in the rest of Europe particularly.
And when speaking of the US, he had this to say:
the United States needs to do more. 10,000 refugees a year is not enough
But, in recent attacks in London over the past couple of months Clooney has made another statement.
With the knowledge that he will have a family, suddenly security is important to him, or at least his family.  He moved from London because it wasn’t secure enough?  Its ironic that the country he blasted for not letting in enough migrants, is the country he is returning to for security for his family.
Mr. Clooney, perhaps its more secure because the country isn’t letting in as many migrants?  Then again, the crazy left doesn’t seem to understand that logic.

A Musing About the Past

Well, watching videos on speakers of all types and a thought came to my mind while watching a college leftist ask a question to Dinesh D’Souza.

The student asked, why should we care what the democratic party had done in the past?  Referring to the fact it was the democratic party which upheld slavery, opposed blacks getting voting rights, forming the KKK, among other things.

I wondered something, this young man seemed to have no problem with wiping from history what the party had done.  Oh, the party’s changed, they are no longer that type of group one might say.  They are ‘champions’ of the oppressed (questionable at best).  Continue reading…


CNN vs. Reddit User

So, it appears that CNN has bullied a 15 year old Reddit user.

What did this young teen do?  Must have been something horrible, right?  The teen must have hacked into CNN’s computers and released secret information.  Or hacked the company and changed their logo to FOX News, or something profane?


What this kid did was replace Vince McMahan’s face with the CNN logo and a small gif which had Trump laying the smack-down on McMahan, or in this case CNN. Continue reading…


Hypocrisy of the Left

Imagine the outrage by the left if the following happened.

Two white men are hanging out with a black woman, they all know each other.  Suddenly she is pushed into her bedroom where one stands guard.  They then go on to beat her and assault her sexually.  Upon leaving one states:

“We’re going to teach you a lesson about dating a white man and black [women] don’t mean [expletive] in this town.”

I can hear the cries of racism by the left over such a thing, especially the obviously racial comment.

However, this event did happen.  So why do we not hear anything?

Simple, the men were black and woman was white and they said this instead:

“We’re going to teach you a lesson about dating a black man and white [women] don’t mean [expletive] in this town.”

But yet to the left this isn’t racism.  As long as the left ignores such blatant racism, we’ll never defeat racism.

Read the story here:

Two Men Wanted in Clermont Kidnapping and Sexual Assault


Congressman Shot

This morning while at a baseball practice for a charity game a derange man went and shot House majority whip Steve Scalise and injured 5 others.

Interesting to note is the reaction that is going on.  Once more the left is in panic mode as it happened against a Republican and the suspect is believed to have been a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Indeed some of the far, radical, left has actually celebrated it, as can be seen on twitter.

But is it really a surprise when the left has been so hateful?

They call for killing people, Kathy Griffin seen with a beheaded Trump, a group acts out the killing of the President in a play, and they defend it calling it art.  Numerous celebrities have called for Trump to be killed.

So, is it really a shock when all this stupidity, all this fake news, all this pushing and something happens.

The left needs to wake up, they are the fascist ones, they are the Nazies, they are the violent ones.  This is a result of your continued, misguided, hatred.


Fidget Spinner?

So, it appears a few days ago the left went crazy once more.  Nothing new about that, but this one irks me a bit.


They are going after Donald Trump’s son.  You see, he was pictured leaving Air Force 1 with a fidget spinner.

What’s so bad about that?

It seems the left has taken the fact he plays with one to make fun of him.  They state he has to have one because he’s mentally ill, which is why kids play with them.

Um, no.  The fidget spinner is one of the most popular toys out there at the moment.  You can see them all over and by every age.  Yet the left attacks the President’s son.

Imagine if Sasha and Malia had been photographed with a fidget spinner and Obama was President.  The press would have said the teens were typical teens playing with what is fashionable.  Not anything about their mental health, and anyone who did would have been, and rightly so, criticized.

The left is showing time and again how hateful and spiteful they are with these attacks.



The left always seems to leave me confused most days.  Recently that confusion has only grown making me wonder if they even know what they are protesting or doing.

Its been almost two years since a certain Charleston Church shooting happened which tragically killed 9 people.  In that shooting the left tried to tie it to guns, and then race neither of which the community supported.

Instead, the left focused on a single photo the teen had taken which showed the confederate flag in the background. Continue reading…



So, President Trump did a tweet with the word ‘covfefe’ in it.

Despite the negative constant press covfefe

That was the tweet the president sent out.  And boy, did it cause a firestorm.

But, is it really something worthwhile or just something for the left to point to with their small brainpower?

Personally, I think its a distraction to the left so they don’t have to talk about what Kathy Griffin did a few days ago which was absolutely disgusting.

Back to ‘covfefe’.  Despite the attempts at humor, this will be something which will last and I can see actually becoming a word.

Think about that, thanks to the left’s mindless ranting, this nonsensical word (which I assume was a typo of some sort) will be around for a while as its definition starts to become clearer.

And, how many Presidents have invented a word on a whim?

And, honestly, the reaction by the left is so mind-numbing shallow its perfect for them.

So, covfefe y’all.


Kathy Griffin

How many recall not long ago when the left went absolutely berserk over the fact that a rodeo clown used an Obama mask.  Never mind the fact that clowns had used Bush previously.

But now, forward to today with a new president, Trump and what happened only a day or two ago from a , so funny comedian Kathy Griffin.

Now, I won’t post the picture, as I feel its way too much, but it shows her holding a decapitated head of a bloody Trump in her hand.  The picture is totally tasteless, and, honestly, disturbing.

But, what is more disturbing to me is the attitude of the left.  It shows the reality of how much they actually hate Trump.  Sure, Griffin pulled the picture from her Twitter, but the reality is already out there.

Truth is, the left despises Trump so much they would actually post such things.

Imagine the outcry if some comedian had done this with Obama?  Their career would have been over.  Instead, we’re told she ‘apologized’.  Never mind the fact people had to see this, and Trump’s 11 year old son had to see it.

Really, Griffin’s career should be over as well, but the left will defend her because they allow their own hatred to overrule anything else.