Star Wars

I have always been a sci-fi fan when it comes to movies and stories.  I enjoy seeing how someone creates another world, universe of our future.  In some cases, like Star Trek, it provides inspiration to creators of technology.

Growing up I loved two shows, Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars.  The first real movie I can remember watching was The Empire Strikes Back in a cold theater in Banff, Alberta.

When the prequels came out I was one of those who stood in line all night long to get tickets to The Phantom Menace.  I’ve bought action figures, all the movies, love watching them all.

So when the sequels were announced I was excited, a chance to see how the universe of Star Wars adapted after the defeat of the Emperor.  What happened to Luke, Leia, Han and the others.  The next movie was announced as The Force Awakens.  Oh, so much mystery in the title, was it an awakening of Luke and others?

Then I saw TFA.

My heart dropped.  I didn’t like it.  I didn’t care about the characters.  They ripped Han and Leia apart for no real reason.  Killed Han, which everyone saw coming, and no emotional reaction afterwards from Leia upon seeing Chewbacca.


Then The Last Jedi came out and I, for the first time, had no interest in seeing a sci-fi movie, let alone a Star Trek movie.  Now its coming out digitally and I find, still no interest in it.

What happened?

You’ll probably think because I’m conservative it must be due to some SJW thing, or woman thing.


It actually took me a while to get a handle on what I disliked.  It was the bridge between Return of the Jedi and TFA.  It wasn’t there.  Who were these Rebels?  And the enemy, who were they?  Were they the remains of the Empire?  Had the galaxy exploded into another war?

There was a very bad transition between the movies in a well established universe.

I also disliked how established characters were treated

Reading up from multiple sources of what happens in TLJ, I don’t see any improvement.  It was more weak connections with no real rational behind them.

So, Disney, you’ve lost a Star Wars fan here from the storytelling.  Its really too bad, I usually enjoy Disney movies, but for some reason, you failed here.  I see no real interest in watching another new Star Wars movie.

So, I’ll go back to watching the original and prequels and enjoy them.

Oh yeah, Han shot first.