Gillette’s Commercial

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, and you might want to, you’ve seen or heard about Gillette’s recent commercial. I’ve seen a lot of different replies to the ad, but I’d like to add something.

Personally I view the commercial as a failure. Yes, a failure. Oh sure, the left is rejoicing about how successful it is, and how it’s gotten people to talk about ‘toxic’ masculinity and such.

But let’s step back and take a deeper look at this.

What is Gillette selling?  An ideology or a product?

Gillette is selling razors (and shaving products).  What did the commercial have to do with telling me, the consumer, about their product?  How is their product better than the competitors?  Why should I spend my money on their product?  Is their product better?

How many remember Remington, ‘so good I bought the company’, or when the commercial mentioned the first blade shave closer, but the second even closer.

Does Gillette give me a good, close, clean shave?

I have no idea because once more politics is being shoved down our throats in an area where its not needed.

Whoever approved and created the commercial should be fired for failure to understand how to advertise.  You show the product and why a person should spend their hard earned dollars on said product, not a lecture on ‘toxic’ masculinity.

So while the left pats themselves on the back for a feel good commercial and the right shouts cries of boycott, the real loser is the company and its employees who make the product.  They will be hit with the failure of the advertiser to understand its job is to sell the product.

In the end, they failed to say why their product is better.  All the ideology doesn’t hide how good a product is.  And in tough competition the last thing you want is to alienate customers on some political issue and drive them to a competitor whose product is just as good.