President Obama went and visited the site of the first Atomic bomb drop, and only one of two dropped in anger, Hiroshima.

Personally I view it long since past for a US President to have made a visit to the site.  It is a moment which links two countries unlike any two in the world.  But we must also not forget why it was dropped, there was a war going on.

Yes, countries make mistakes in war, they do things considered insane and terrible.

But war is not for the sane.

The bombing will be endlessly debated as right or wrong, did it save lives or not.  The truth will never be known. Continue reading…


Anti-Trump Protesters

(Warning, language)

Watching the news and videos and other sources and what do I see once again?


People going around causing violence at a Trump rally.  Yep, I am talking about the Anti-Trump crowd.

I have steered clear of endorsing any candidate, but what these asses are doing can only be described as deplorable.  They go out of the way to cause civil unrest at what would have been a peaceful gathering.

Why? Continue reading…


Higher Pay Reality

Liberals are demanding many things these days, including higher pay.  But this meme actually reveals an interesting truth liberals don’t wish to consider.


I have heard liberals say companies can afford higher costs for workers.  While that is true for some companies, it is not for all companies.  Those companies will be forced to either increase prices or cut employees and/or hours.  Continue reading…


Problems In Brazil

With the Olympics only months away there are many problems going on within Brazil.

The Zika virus is something which has many people concerned, even having some calling for the Olympics to change the venue.  They are concerned that not only athletes will become infected by the virus but spectators from other nations who have come to watch.

Add to this there are concerns that the venues will not be ready on time for the games.

This goes along with recent protests against spending by the country.  This has resulted in such a crisis which caused the Brazilian Congress to hold a session on impeaching their President.  On a vote, they elected to suspend Dilma Rousseff and brought up Vice President as acting President.

Rousseff is charged with illegal use of funds which many say have harmed the country.

After what happened in Sochi, if Brazil isn’t ready for the games it could cast doubt on the ability of the Olympic Committee to decide where to host the games.


The New Ghostbusters

Okay, a bit late here, but a couple of months ago Sony put out the trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie coming out.

And the reaction?

If likes and dislikes on YouTube are any indication, it sucks.  Currently its the most disliked trailer on YouTube (currently 799k dislikes to 232k likes).

I heard a while back they were going to remake the movie, after the good sales of the game (which was good).  Even the fact they were going to use an all female cast wasn’t a problem for me. Continue reading…


Voter Fraud?

Conservatives are used to being called out for wanting things like voter ID to help prevent voter fraud.  Constantly we’re told by liberals there is no such thing as voter fraud.

It now appears this very idea has come back to hurt democrats in recently preliminaries within their own party.

Bernie Sanders has given Hillary Clinton a major scare in her run for President within her own party.  But, what’s showing is how far the democrat party elite are willing to go to ensure their nominee wins. Continue reading…


Self Serve Kiosks at Wendy’s

Have you heard of the decision by Wendy’s to switch to self-serve kiosks to take orders?  If not you might only listen to left-wing media who won’t show this, or spin it in another direction.

They won’t tell you this is what will happen as more places push companies for a $15/hour minimum wage.

Yes, earning more is nice, companies who pay their employees more are great.

However, pushing the minimum wage to almost double what it is, in the current economy, only shows how little the left even understands money. Continue reading…