2nd Amendment Wording

Let’s get right to the heart of the matter, the 2nd Amendment:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Now, listening to a Young Turks video some time ago I heard them say that each word, each punctuation was carefully considered for the Constitution and the amendments. Continue reading…


Brits Exit EU

In a shocker, British citizens have voted to leave the European Union.

Now, as a result the media is flooded with fear mongering about an economic collapse and worse.

Will such things happen?  Its actually anyone’s guess at best.  But going straight to fear will not help anything, and will only make things worse.  But is that what the media wants?  Perhaps.

This vote was many different issues, and one is important.  A sovereign nation enforcing its boundaries.  With the influx of immigrants from places like Syria, and a spreading rise of crime and other things the citizens decided to stand up for themselves.

Britain is already having troubles with muslims immigrating into its country and becoming part of their country.  There are many reports of culture clash as muslim culture tries to push the British culture underground and away.

So a vote to leave the EU really is not surprising when one steps back and looks at what is going on.

The real question will be when will Germany’s government understand that its people are becoming more and more uneasy with this influx of muslim migrants into their country.


The Transcript

By now people have heard the ‘released’ version of the transcript of the 911 call by the Orlando shooter.  The meme does a good job showing what was really said (except Islam, its actually Islamic State):


Now, why did they have to omit islam, isis and change allah to God.

Its a simple answer, they don’t want to believe that the shooter could have any relation to islam.  So they take out islam and isis, which would link islam and terrorism.

But changing allah to God?  Again, this is to continue their belief.  When one reads this ‘translated’ version they see God and think Christian.  That’s what the left wants to blame this on, the right and Christians and will do and say anything to try and make that true.  Where is allah had been used, people would have first thought muslim, which the left doesn’t want people to do.

Its a form of controlling what the people see and hear.  Propaganda at its finest.


UC Irving Suspends College Republicans

UC Irving find themselves in the middle of controversy that they helped create.

So, on the 2nd of June Milo Yiannopoulos was invited to UC Irving to speak to a group of college students.

Now the college republican group has been hit by ‘sanctions‘ against them.  Their “privilege to book event space through Student Center and Events Services has been revoked through the spring 2017 quarter” as a way for the college to protest the groups activities.

The reason the college is doing this, the republican group was guilty of a policy violation, they failed to give proof of insurance for the security team.

For this, they have their basic free speech rights revoked for a year.

No, this is a thinly-veiled attempt by the far left wing to stop opposition on college campuses.  If this was a liberal group they would have gotten a pass with nothing done.  But because its a conservative group, the left must limit their ability to get their message out to the other students.

Its sad when a college, a place where ideas should be expressed and debated, one side is told to shut up and forced to shut up.


Teen Tries to Kill Trump

So, recently a teen went mental and tried to kill Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

At a rally in Las Vegas a teenager tried to take a gun from a cop so he could shoot Trump.  But wait, isn’t suppose to be the Trump supporters and conservatives who are violent?  That’s what we hear, yet time and again its liberals who are violent.

But there is more.

It appears this teen isn’t even an American!  He is here illegally.

Those ‘peaceful’ illegal immigrants are turning out to not be so peaceful.

This is a fact one probably will not hear on CNN or MSNBC.  Both networks are so far in with democrats and their agenda they are willing to ignore anything to get it done.

So unless people actually get out and talk about this, the average person will remain ignorant, which is exactly what the democrats and liberals want.  They have an agenda, and this teen being an illegal doesn’t fit it.


No Islam

So, they are going to be releasing of the tapes for the Orlando shooter.  Only one problem.  They decided to edit out all mention of the word islam, or isis.

The question becomes why censor the words islam or isis, or anything unless there is an ulterior motive going on.  But then, anyone who thinks about it knows what this motive is.

They can’t use islam, or isis, or radical islam because that would destroy the narrative of the left.  That narrative is the NRA, GOP, conservatives, gun owners are to blame for this shooting.  As long as it fits into that narrative it will be told, if it doesn’t fit, it needs to be scrubbed.

For this end, they must censor out islam from any transcripts, or they run a risk of confirming what the right is saying, its a terror attack by radical islam and the left is running blind to it.

Sadly, by censoring it they only confirm this very thought.

Recall years ago the running joke about Bush Jr, if Japan attacked Pearl Harbor Bush would declare war on some other country.  If Obama was President and Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, they would edit out any mention of Japan, and declare war on Britain.

It really makes one wonder what will it take for the left to wake up to reality.


Orlando Shooting

There is one disturbing aspect of this recent shooting in Orlando. 100+ people were killed or injured, and according to reports it was done by 1 person using guns (which, again according to sources, he bought legally).
Now the gun thing, shove it, not what bothers me.
Reading stories from people inside.  There is one story about a guy who heard the shots, he hit the ground and crawled into the bathroom.  In there he found several people hiding in the stalls.  An injured person made his way in, covered in blood.  He was followed by the shooter, who killed the person while laughing, then turned his gun on the stalls, injuring and killing others. Continue reading…

Orlando Shooting Thoughts

The tragedy of the Orlando shooting should also be a wake up call to all Americans.  Instead we find the same, tiring rhetoric by the left.  We need to ban guns.

But I have come away with three things which struck me.

First, the moment the religion of islam was associated with the attack it was almost a given that liberals and democrats would avoid the name or any tie to the religion.  The shooter called 911 and informed them he was doing this for isis and isis has claimed responsibility.  Radical islamic terrorists were responsible no matter how liberals spin this story.

Second, the hypocrisy from the left over such things.  Recall not long ago there was a young man who shot up a church.  In a picture on Facebook he was photographed with the Civil War Confederate Army flag.  What did liberals do? Continue reading…


Gordie Howe Passes

With all the attention on boxing legend Muhammad Ali, another sports legend passed away, Gordie Howe.

Personally I have never been a boxing fan, but I have been a huge hockey fan, so I noticed Howe’s passing with more sadness than Ali’s, not that losing anyone, especially one you love is easy.

Gordie Howe, Mr. Hockey, had a brilliant career in the NHL, and after the Great One, Wayne Gretzky, is simply the best there has ever been.

His legend is such that they even have what’s called the Howe hat trick, where you pick up an assist, a goal, and a fight.  This is because Howe, like Ali, wasn’t afraid to drop the gloves and fight.

Howe had a career which many would love to have, including four Stanley Cups, six Art Ross trophies, six Hart trophies, and landed in the Hall of Fame.

He ended his career with 801 goals, 1049 assists and 1850 points (to go along with 1685 penalty minutes).  He is currently fourth on the all time list for points, and second for goals.

He had a wonderful career and will be missed among hockey fans.