75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

75 years ago today the US was suddenly attacked by the nation of Japan at Pearl Harbor.

People woke up to a normal lazy Sunday all across the US never imagining that by the end of the day the US would be at war with Japan and engaged in World War 2.

At Pearl Harbor, just before 8 AM, the first wave of Japanese carrier based planes swooped in and attacked the ships of the US navy.  By the time the last plane left about two hour later the damage had been done.  The USS Arizona had been broken in two and sunk, along with the USS Oklahoma, neither ship would ever rejoin the fleet.

The USS Arizona would become a permanent memorial for those who were killed in the attack.

The other seven battleships would all take damage along with some ten other warships and hundreds of planes.

Pearl Harbor was left a smoking ruin.  In the years since conspiracies have come up and down.  Was it a rouse to get the US into the war, we might never know.  Of course its also just as likely that none of these conspiracies are true.

So today, recall what happened 75 years ago.




With Christmas coming up I thought I delve into religion a bit.

Why is it offensive for people in the USA to wish people a Merry Christmas?

I’ve heard from others that it is somehow disrespectful to others.  That I am forcing my religion upon others.

That’s an interesting statement considering what we Christians are saying to you.  We are wishing you happiness, peace and love.  How are we ‘forcing our religion upon you?

I was unaware that saying Marry Christmas translated to you must believe in Jesus Christ and go to church with me.  I am not forcing you to go and be baptized and donate 10% to a church when I say Merry Christmas.

I am merely wishing you the greeting of a season.

To those who get pissed upon hearing those words, do you get upset upon seeing a hijab?  It is usually something done by a religion, in this case islam.  So liberals can see this and think its all right, but wishing someone Merry Christmas is offensive.

Some days I just don’t understand liberals and their logic.


Flag Burning

There has been a lot of news lately about flag burning, including if the government should make it illegal to do so.

Personally, it is a freedom of speech, but one which those who do it fail to understand that doing so opens you up to rebuttal and criticism.  Burning the flag doesn’t make you immune to someone else using their freedom of speech to criticize your actions.

However, moving on, there is a push by some on the right to make it illegal to burn the flag.  Of course liberals are upset over this. Continue reading…


Ohio State University Attack

Once again there was another college attack  And once again liberals are spouting off on what needs to be done about it to prevent another attack.

Their solution is more gun control, or abolish gun s altogether.  Its their bread and butter solution any time such an attack occurs.

However, there is one slight problem with this attack.  You see, the attacker didn’t use a gun at all.  He drove a vehicle and used a machete to attack his victims.

Oops.  Well, probably won’t see liberal back track on this, nope.  Instead they’ll go quiet about it.

Of course, what you won’t hear either is how students with military training acted upon hearing of the lock down.  They did what they were trained.

In many classes stories come out about how these students put themselves between the door and any attacker and the civilian students who were told to stay back.

And yet such outstanding people are constantly degraded by the left and when something happens they have no problem standing up even for those who degrade them.

This attack has many lessons, many of which will not be learned.  You don’t need a gun to attack people.  And many of those who are trained to defend this country will, even in a classroom.  Its time to start working together again instead of tearing it apart.



So there is all this mess about recounts and liberals being whiny about how Trump isn’t their President.

However, if somehow, but some strange twist of fate of the universe the election is overturned and Hillary suddenly becomes President elect, will things calm down.

I seriously doubt it.  In fact, I have a feeling that the country would feel even more divided now than it was when Trump won.  Millions would feel that the election was stolen from them.  Remember, Hillary didn’t win a popular vote, for that you need 50% plus 1.

Its doubtful that liberals would be as gracious in victory as conservatives have been.  There would be thousands of liberals stating for Conservatives to grow up, especially if they went with the same message that Hillary is not their President.

Imagine the bad-mouthing liberals would do if conservatives went out into the street to protest, shut down traffic, whined non-stop.  Said they felt fearful for the future, and more.

Liberals only seem to like to divide the country more and more.  I see nothing from the left which would bring about healing within the nation.  All Hillary and the left would do is divide it even more.


CNN Airs Porn

It appears that in one area of the CNN viewership they got an unexpected surprise when they tuned in on Thanksgiving Evening.  Instead of a news report, “Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown”, whoever was working had too much turkey.

For 30 minutes they were able to watch some hardcore porn.

The only real question becomes, why did it take 30 minutes for the local CNN employees to recognize the mistake, and was it that long before any viewer actually called in.

Or were they enjoying the porn more than what news program they would have been shown?

Either way, I suspect someone is going to be fired.


Political Racism and Sexism

Often we hear, especially from the left, that this person or group is racist, or sexist.  But is it?  Do they really think that way or is it all political?

Take the following statement:

She should be in the kitchen, not making speeches, after all that’s where a woman belongs.

That, I think, every can agree is a sexist statement.

Now, let’s put this in perspective as political sexism, and for this I will be calling out both left and right on this.

First off, lets say this is said by a conservative about Hillary Clinton.  The left goes berserk over this and claims all conservatives are sexist.  The papers pick it up and run with it solidify the false ide that all conservatives think this way. Continue reading…


PC Killing Debate

It’s been more than a week since Trump won. It was a surprise. In fact the entire election this year was a surprise, full of everything you could imagine.
While watching many of the news videos from election day I ran across an interesting discussion from one guest a local news station, I think in Arizona, had on. Her comment made perfect sense, especially when I considered how little the election debate centered on issues.
She had been in Britain during the Brixit election. She stated Political Correctness hurt the debate. During that election immigration was a huge topic, but yet no one talked about it. Why? She said no one brought it up out of fear of being labeled an islamophobic by the PC crowd. As a result the debate was in hushed whispers between others. You had a key issue and no one wanted to talk about it out of fear of being labeled. Continue reading…


Leader of the Pack

Years ago I watched a TV show about body language.  It showed many different ways we communicate using body language.  It even went on to tell about how then President Bush acted around other leaders.

Two things were shown.  One, when walking with a pack of leaders, Bush was always out in front.

Second was a greeting with Putin in Russia who was greeting other leaders.  Putin had lined up for his photo ops a way to show power over others.  He stood on the left, the other leader stood on the right, and when shaking hands his hand was on top of the other leader’s hand.  It was a subtle show of ‘I’m stronger than you’ body language.

When Bush showed up, he accepted the position, but as the picture was taken, he pushed his shoulder in front of Putin.  Another sign of body language that I’m stronger than you.

I’ve never seen that leadership body language from Obama.  I can recall seeing him with other leaders, and he walked with or even behind some.  To me, that was a sign of a weak leader, not one who says follow me, I’m leading.

And of the two candidates Clinton never showed such body language.  Yet Trump always seemed to show it.  He leads.

Think this meme says it all:



Trump is Elected

It appears the US voters have spoken, electing Trump in what, according to news reporters, is a stunning upset.

Now, I hope there is some healing between democrats and republicans.  But alas, I don’t see it happening.

Even now liberals are spewing hate towards the voters of Trump.  How can one extend a peace branch when those you’re extending it to continue to rant and demean you?

Liberals, its time to wake up a bit.  American is tired of your rants, you’re safe zones, you’re calling everyone a name.

I hope for good things with President Trump, but he’ll be fighting liberals every day of his office.