Question of Misinformation

There is a lot of talk lately about misinformation.  What is it?  Who decided is?

I hear people say facts and truth counter misinformation.  But what if what you are reading/hearing isn’t misinformation at all?

Consider the following situation.

You meet a person on the street with petition.  They want to ban a dangerous chemical compound, they call it DHMO.  You’ve never heard of it before (if you have, play along).  You’re handed a paper, on it is a list of talking points about how dangerous it is: Continue reading…


A Dark Conspiracy to a Dictator

I am going to start this post by giving a disclaimer.  This is a conspiracy idea, not factual, nor is it real (at least I hope it never become real).

We are closer than ever before in our history as a country to having a dictator.  No, I do not mean Trump, or anything the left thinks that he was a dictator, but a true dictator as we find in history.

The country is currently run by a President who many feel is unfit for the job, especially mentally.  Many think Biden is not the one who is calling the shots, but a group of either aides, or some other group, who are making all the decisions and Biden is only a front.

This group of elites is the biggest threat to our Republic, bigger than any enemy country we’ve faced, or terrorist group.  They hide in the shadows manipulating everything in order to gain power.  This is why the Biden administration has appeared slow to a crisis, either on purpose or accident. Continue reading…


Adsense Ads and Reporting

Its been a while since I’ve done anything on this page, life interrupted adding content and I no longer had the time to devote for a page a day or more.

But, over the past year I’ve received a couple of ‘notifications’ from Google Adsense about ‘dangerous’ content on this page.  As a result my ad revenue (which is almost zero anyways) could be impacted if not fixed right away.

Each time the page in question is one that has been up for years.  The last one was a page I posted back in 2016, nothing recent at all.  Makes me question who is reporting this content.

Every one that I’ve received for this the only ones are thin-skinned easily triggered idiots who have no common sense.



So, the democrats have finally gone through and pushed ahead for impeachment against President Trump.  This time they are going after him for hindering the 2020 elections.

First, let’s think about this for a second.  The 2020 election.  Yep, considering we do not know who the democratic candidate will be for the election, the democrats already know and the President is trying shut him down already.  Despite no preliminary elections having occurred.  The first caucuses won’t occur for another five months from now.

Hmm, sounds like they’ve got the deck stacked for one candidate.

But moving on, the democrats next say that Trump threatened the president of the Ukraine to cut funding if they didn’t look into something which happened under Obama, and benefiting then Vice-President Biden’s son.  The transcript, they do talk about it, but depending on your political biases it takes different meanings. Continue reading…



Chick-Fil-A, the fast food restaurant we’ve all been hearing things about over the past couple of years.  What do they serve, a good chicken sandwich, personally I enjoy the spicy sandwich, and those waffle fries.  Its consistent, the restaurants are clean and staff is friendly.

The one near me employs a couple of people who are, well, more mentally challenged and have for years.  Of course if one listens to the far-left this chain is evil to the core.  They discriminate, are hateful, and *gasp* founded by a man with deep Christian values.  So deep they are closed on Sunday.

Yet, for all this, the chain is doing better than ever.  It leads to the question, why? Continue reading…


Where Does It End?

Several years ago, shortly after the church shooting where the shooter had a Confederate flag the far left went on a ban the flag campaign.  I asked a simple question back then, where does it end?

A friend replied with its only about banning the sale of the Confederate flag on Amazon.  I scoffed, but didn’t say anything knowing it wouldn’t end there.  My friend’s reply has been anything but right, and only proves the point give an inch and they take a mile.

Since that comment there have been Confederate flag removals in museums, Confederate statues torn down and many schools have been renamed simply because the person was part of the Confederacy.  But it didn’t stop there at all. Continue reading…



Imagine this, an Asian journalist who reports are is gay, is attacked by a group of hooded, masked white, young males.  The police do not do anything and others defend the actions of the group by saying he deserved it.

Go back decades and this sounds straight out something we hear about from the Deep South and groups like the KKK.  But this isn’t the early 1900s, this was just this past weekend.  Did you hear about this attack?  It has all the narratives that the left loves, white males attacking a minority, and a gay at that.

Alas, you will not because the Asian was Andy Ngo, a conservative, and the group doing the attacking was the leftist group Antifa not some ‘right-wing’ white supremacist group.

A quick look at several mainstream news sites online indicated no articles at all about this attack.  Yet we can rest assured if the political parties were reversed it would be mainstream headlines.  So it begs the question, if antifa isn’t associate with democrats, as many on the left say, why defend antifa?

That’s simple, antifa is a group on the left.  And honestly, they remind me more of the SS of the Nazi party of the 1930s Germany than they do a peaceful protest group.

No surprise, when one of their main goals is to get rid of the USA.  And by democrats and the media not coming out against them only shows how deep their hatred of this country is.


Social Media Censorship

There has been a lot here, so I’ll give my brief opinion on this one.

Are social media giants censoring conservative voices?  Yes.

There is no doubt here.  Over the past few months there has been a lot of information out here about this.  One of the most damning was actually done by a guy named Tim Pool when he was on a YouTube broadcast of Seth Rogan with the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey and a lawyer, Vijaya Gadde.

In a back and forth, which Tim brought up some interesting points the response by the Twitter folks differed widely.

What became clear, if one listened, was when it was a conservative voice, or a voice which the far-left doesn’t like Twitter’s response was to outright ban.  In this case they were talking about tweets like #learntocode, and such which were subject to censorship right away.  Yet if the tweet had a left leaning and followed the far left’s narrative then Twitter’s response was, we need to take it into context with the entire conversation. Continue reading…



Well, I took a longer break than I had originally meant to, and before I knew it months had passed.

A lot has happened in the political landscape, then again that’s to be expected.  I kept up with twitter, and still active on Facebook, no I haven’t been banned yet despite the name ‘ConservativeMe’.  You’d think it be flagged now by the way they are targeting anyone not far-left these days.   Guess my site and such are not that big.

Honestly I hope to get back to posting a post a day, giving my opinions on things.  I do enough of that on social media all over, so I’ll condense it all right here once more which was my original plan anyways.

Anyone who still drops by, you’ll see an increase of activity lately.  I hope to have a post later today about censorship.

Stick around, agree, don’t agree, be civil is all I ask.


Captain Marvel

First off, I have had no desire to see this move.  It has nothing to do with the actress, sexism or racism.  I’m just sick of superhero movies and haven’t seen one in about five years.

That said, I have been watching this train-wreck of a PR disaster for a while now.

It starts off with Brie Larson spouting off.  Insulting your viewers before a movie is even out isn’t a way to generate revenue for the film.  It makes me wonder if people understand if their comments have consequences.  Of course, they fall back on the old reliable talking point if you critique you’re some sort of ist/ism, and if you don’t see it you are some sort of ist/ism. Continue reading…


Media Problems

So far, 2019 is not yet two months old, we are about 50 days into the new year and already there has been a lot going on in the world of media and journalists.  Let’s look at three of the biggest stories against the leftist media.

Let’s start with the whole release of journalists from several online news organizations.  This turned into a huge problem for the journalists and showed their lack of understanding of others with the whole ‘learn to code’ fiasco.

Rewind a couple of years ago and you had coal minders having problems, laid off and the industry hurting.  What was the journalists’ reply, writing many articles on how they could learn to code, or in other words, learning a new skill which wasn’t mining.

Back to present day and journalists were laid off as companies struggled to maintain profits in a world where more and more readers view journalists as completely biased in their reporting.  Its really no surprise when people started telling them ‘learn to code’ back at them.  How did these leftist journalists reply?  They went to Twitter and other social media platforms to complain how this was hate speech.

Yes, hate speech.  In other words these same journalists which were giving miners ‘friendly’ advice couldn’t handle it when those same words were told back to them.

The next two are related in that it shows how the media is quick to run with a leftist narrative.  First off, a recent story about how the media quickly backed an actor, Jussie Smollett.  He claimed to have been attacked by two people wearing MAGA hats.

Because it fit with the narrative leftist journalists have they ran with the story without doing any real fact-checking.    It was pushed as a hate crime by Trump supporters.  However things started to unravel almost right away as more level-headed people started to ask the questions these journalists should have. Continue reading…


Swapping Roles

Not long ago a single picture sent the left into an unbridled rage.  What was in the picture which was so bad?  A kid in a MAGA hat smiling at a Native America beating a drum in his face.

See, it had a white kid wearing a MAGA hat which was code to the left for racist and we all know the Native is a victim.

But the left had the facts wrong, not that it mattered to them.  They saw what they wished to see. Continue reading…



A lot has been said over the past year or two about the entire #MeToo movement.  And like so many things which start out with a positive, there is also a dark side which so many ignore.

First off I’ll start by saying men should treat women with respect.  That really should go without saying.  Normal women shouldn’t have to fear a man.

Having said that, the same goes the other way, women should treat men with respect as well.  They should understand that men treat men differently than men treat women as women treat women.

I have seen women treat other women so bad that if it has been a man, his life and career would be over.  Yet, nothing happens. Continue reading…



Abortion is a topic I generally shy away from because its so hotly debated and there really seems like no good answer.

Since Pandora’s Box was opened the debate has raged.  Should we allow abortions or not?

Generally the debate was logical, well, as logical as one can get with this topic which people have a very emotional stand upon.  Both sides can be very emotional with this topic.

Personally I was always in a bit of a grey area, never fully going one way or the other.  Some say that was because I lacked the will to make a tough choice on a difficult topic.  I understood that abortions were not good, but if you ban them someone will still do them.  Either way I felt a life was in danger. Continue reading…


Arresting Roger Stone

It appears twenty-seven officers of a SWAT team were involved, along with over a dozen vehicles, helicopter and boats were all involved to make an arrest.  What type of dangerous person could they have been after.

A dug dealer?  No

Mafia hit man?  No

Bin Laden?  No

It was to arrest a sixty-six year old man who is a political consultant who happened to work for Trump.  But let’s look at this again. Continue reading…