The Kid, the Native American and the Left

By now most of us have seen the video, or at least the picture of the teen with a MAGA hat on and the Native American.

The left, as typical saw the picture and quickly came to a conclusion.  The teen was bullying and being demeaning to the Native American.  The legion of loyal leftists quickly jumped on the bandwagon to the point where the school the teen went to issued an apology.

But it didn’t stop the left who continued to attack the teen for being insensitive, and doxing him as well.

Now, its come to be realized the teen really didn’t do anything wrong.  And the full video of what happened has come out leaving the left looking like what they are, a bully. Continue reading…


Gillette’s Commercial

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, and you might want to, you’ve seen or heard about Gillette’s recent commercial. I’ve seen a lot of different replies to the ad, but I’d like to add something.

Personally I view the commercial as a failure. Yes, a failure. Oh sure, the left is rejoicing about how successful it is, and how it’s gotten people to talk about ‘toxic’ masculinity and such.

But let’s step back and take a deeper look at this.

What is Gillette selling?  An ideology or a product? Continue reading…


Drag Queen Poses Nude with Kid

Have you seen the pictures, or read about the recent articles of a Drag Queen posing nude with a 10 year old kid?

You heard that right, posing nude with a kid in the picture. Years ago that would have been frowned upon by all groups. Today is very different in that it matters who is nude now.

To the left, championing such groups means they put blinders on to anything bad in the groups. But if this had been done by some conservative group, the left would be screaming pedophile. Continue reading…


Kaepernick Again in the News

I have mentioned Colin Kaepernick before but lately I read an article on MSN about how players in the NFL overwhelmingly think he should be playing.

Um, no, just no.

I love my NFL team, they didn’t do so well, but there is promise for the future. But Kap, I never liked. I never saw him as the ‘great’ player that so many ‘experts’ say he was.

I grew up rooting for the 49ers, the great QBs of Montana and Young, the Super Bowl championships. It was a great time, but alas, the team fell upon hard times.

Then along came Super Bowl XLVII. Everyone raved about Kap, he was the next coming of Montana. Wait, hold on, he barely played any games. Let’s wait to see how defenses react. And they did, they adapted and Kap never did.

Kap, instead of learning and growing went to the path of political activist. Continue reading…


Illegal Immigration

Government shutdown, everyone screaming about illegal immigrants, no, that’s only the right as the left denies there is such a thing as illegal immigrants.  Everyone blaming everyone for this problem.

I am not sure the wall is the answer, but border security is needed.  I say this yet the left only seems to care about not building the wall despite the real dangers of the modern world.  Even our ancestors had more common sense than today’s leftists.

Let’s look at one area which is critical in not only our safety, but health as a country. Continue reading…



Well, 2019 is about to come upon us.  I’ve neglected the site for a few months.

Sorry about that, but I really got tired of the negativity going on by the left towards anyone who dared not think they way they did.  This includes personal friends and honestly I just didn’t have the energy with other things to fight.

Well, I’m back, the time off has done me some good and I’ll be posting again.  The goal is hopefully several times a week, perhaps even a day or more. We shall see.

In the meantime, hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.


Democrats Show They are Un-American

Came across this post from Pennsylvania and the Democratic party (if one can call it that anymore).  It shows that the party chair, Mark Salvas, for Allegheny County was forced to resign after the left noticed a post he made.

They claimed the post was inappropriate for a party chair.

What did he post?  Was it something sexual?  No, the left would have ignored that as we all know by now. Continue reading…


The Last Jedi

Okay, so not long ago I did a post about the new Star Wars movies, you can read it here.

However something happened which made my jaw drop.  An accusation so mind-numbing it can be hard to wrap your mind around it.  What happened you say?

It appears that after some research by a professor in some California university more than half of those who had negative criticism towards Rian Johnson were Russian bots, or trolls.

You can read the story here from the Hollywood Reporter (not the best I know, but it’ll do). Continue reading…


The Sexual Assault Problem

With everything going on with the Supreme Court nomination involving Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser for sexual assault its time to step back a second.

Have we become a nation where someone’s claim is taken as absolute fact?

This is a serious question for the problem at hand when dealing with sexual assault.  Its a terrible crime, but yet, it appears there are those who have no problem screaming about how anyone accused is automatically guilty of that assault.

The internet is full of such accusations on men from all walks of life and all colors.  The problem isn’t one that awareness needs to be heightened, but of validity.

For every claim there are stories of men being falsely accused by women for a variety of reasons.  Many of these men have had their entire lives destroyed as people believed the accuser instead of the facts. Continue reading…


US Coast Guard and OK Sign

So, by now you’re probably aware of the recent reports by left wing mainstream media over a supposed white power sign done by a US Coast Guard person.  If you are not on live TV covering the landfall of Florence a person in the background did a sign.

It was so outrageous to the left they demanded action.  The Coast Guard responded by removing the man.

What terrible sign did he throw up?

The okay sign millions all across the US have used. Continue reading…


Don’t Force Your Lifestyle On Me!

How many times have conservatives heard this, or even Americans in general heard the following phrase:

“Don’t force your lifestyle on me!”

I’m sure by now you’ve heard this phrase in one way or another throughout your lifetime.  I’ve seen it many times, from my political view to religious views, its a mantra of the left.

But is it accurate? Continue reading…


Kaepernick and Nike

It appears that Nike has a new face for their ad campaign coming up and its none other than Colin Kaepernick.  The same one who started the whole kneeling before games to protest during the national anthem.

Of course it pissed of a bunch of people, unless you’re living under a rock and didn’t think it would.

Personally I only have two things to say about this.

First off I’ve never considered Kap a good QB.  In fact even the year the 49ers went to the Superbowl with him as their QB I wasn’t sure about his abilities.  Before he ever started his kneeling I questioned how good he was.  Now looking at his career he is, at best, a back-up QB. Continue reading…


Blue Wave?

So, for the past couple of months I’ve read about this ‘Blue Wave’ all the experts at all the news organizations are expecting.  They are hyping up a massive democrat surge in seats taken all over the country.

Now normally I would say this, its historically happened, so why is this one so important?

The answer to anyone should be easy to find, its anti-Trump, and to an extent anti-Republican.  So they are hyping it to cover their embarrassment in the 2016 election.

However the media blatantly is ignore several factors which could become important. Continue reading…


Go Woke, Go Broke!

So, I was introduced to this idea of ‘Go Woke, Go Broke’ by a YouTuber that I watched for things other than politics.  Though in the past year its become more and more political due to policies pushed upon the industry by outsiders.

The concept is quite simple, a company adopts leftist ideas and they end up going broke.

This can be seen in many areas across the nation. Continue reading…



So, I really haven’t been watching this movement much but it appears to be gaining strength lately.  I decided to go and watch a few videos.

The last couple of days was spent watching videos of the WalkAway movement and videos of those on the left dismissing the movement.  It was interesting to watch.

Watching the videos I saw a theme start to develop.  These people were not walking away from their beliefs, or values, but moving away from a platform which no longer supported their ideals. Continue reading…