Democrats Show They are Un-American

Came across this post from Pennsylvania and the Democratic party (if one can call it that anymore).  It shows that the party chair, Mark Salvas, for Allegheny County was forced to resign after the left noticed a post he made.

They claimed the post was inappropriate for a party chair.

What did he post?  Was it something sexual?  No, the left would have ignored that as we all know by now.

So what did he post that was so offensive to democrats.

He posted a pick which stated he stands for the flag and kneels for the cross.  He made to big errors in being a democrat.

First off he showed he was American, something the left has shown to hate.  They despise almost everything which the country stands for and makes no apologies for it.  And if you’re not with that, then you must be shut down.

Second he put in his religion.  Another big no-no to the left, especially if that religion is Christian.

What makes this even worse is this social media post was over a year old, done by a veteran of the Gulf War.

Its really ironic that state representative Jack Wheatley stated:

As an official, he has to be very careful and sensitive that his words and his posts are not necessarily just his. They are reflective of the party in its entirety.

Just like the party’s actions towards such words show how anti-American the democrats have become and intolerant towards such people expressing anything which doesn’t fit with the narrow narrative of the far left.

After all, how dare a man, and ex-vet, stand for the flag of this great country without being punished.