US Coast Guard and OK Sign

So, by now you’re probably aware of the recent reports by left wing mainstream media over a supposed white power sign done by a US Coast Guard person.  If you are not on live TV covering the landfall of Florence a person in the background did a sign.

It was so outrageous to the left they demanded action.  The Coast Guard responded by removing the man.

What terrible sign did he throw up?

The okay sign millions all across the US have used.

That’s right, the same sign used by just about everyone in the US is now a ‘white power’ sign.

I must be kidding around, there is no way a major news outlet could be this dumb?  Right?

Coast Guard Removes Employee from Florence Duty Over Alleged “White Power” Gesture

Yep, the US Coast Guard bowed down to the stupidity of the left over the idea that the Okay sign is a white power gesture.  The same one which was started as a joke has become mainstream to the media.

Even left wing politicians have come out showing their disgust over the gesture.

There is no easy way to put this, the mind-numbing stupidity on display here by the left is overwhelming.

Look on twitter and you’ll find people who have bought into this stupidity.

A couple of months ago I write a blog called “Addicted” relaying how the left champions certain things.  The idea that the okay gesture is a white power symbol is proof of such stupidity and dangerous closed-mindedness of the left.

They’ve taken something which had nothing to do with race and have infused it with racism all to fit a political narrative.

The US Coast Guard and the media had a chance to stamp out this stupidity, instead, like they always do, they doubled down on it.  Why?  Simple, it fits with their narrative that all whites are racists.  So anything they can use to further that agenda they will use no matter how stupid.

I am weeping at the stupidity while the rest of the world is laughing at the political left.  I shudder to think what is next?