The Kid, the Native American and the Left

By now most of us have seen the video, or at least the picture of the teen with a MAGA hat on and the Native American.

The left, as typical saw the picture and quickly came to a conclusion.  The teen was bullying and being demeaning to the Native American.  The legion of loyal leftists quickly jumped on the bandwagon to the point where the school the teen went to issued an apology.

But it didn’t stop the left who continued to attack the teen for being insensitive, and doxing him as well.

Now, its come to be realized the teen really didn’t do anything wrong.  And the full video of what happened has come out leaving the left looking like what they are, a bully.

With so much information out now and the full video of what happened easily available on-line one can see the older man, Native American, went up to the teens standing there, not the other way around.  And before that a group of African-Americans were hurling slurs at the teens.

Why then did the narrative get so twisted?  That’s an easy answer.

To the left, they saw the picture.  They saw a white kid which is strike one.  After all, to the left whites are already racist.  Then they saw the hat, a MAGA hat of all things.  This is strike two because to them any Trump supporter is automatically a racist, Nazi, etc no matter what.

They then noticed the Native American, who is a minority and therefore a victim.  Take in the teen’s ‘smirk’ and its obvious to any leftist this teen was using his ‘white’ privilege to bully that old Native American.

Sadly, there are some who still preach this narrative despite video showing anything but that.

The native is a known leftist activist with a history of such ‘intimidation’ attempts.  His view of what happened doesn’t fit the video evidence and shows the opposite of what he said.

Why did the left get so easily fooled?

Simple, they saw their narrative and that’s all they needed.  Their hatred for Trump, the right, and conservatives overread any logical analysis of the situation.  The media so ready to smear anything dealing with Trump quickly posted it.

The worst part is, the media doesn’t want to admit they made a huge mistake, and they wonder why people don’t trust them anymore.  Perhaps if they went and did actual reporting instead of opinions people might still have some trust in them.