Blue Wave?

So, for the past couple of months I’ve read about this ‘Blue Wave’ all the experts at all the news organizations are expecting.  They are hyping up a massive democrat surge in seats taken all over the country.

Now normally I would say this, its historically happened, so why is this one so important?

The answer to anyone should be easy to find, its anti-Trump, and to an extent anti-Republican.  So they are hyping it to cover their embarrassment in the 2016 election.

However the media blatantly is ignore several factors which could become important.

First off, have they really learned the lessons from the Presidential election?  First glace would indicate no, they are happy to run on an anti-Trump platform.  Similar to the 2006 election of anti-Bush.  But unlike then the economy is doing better and there is a stronger pushback by republicans, at least the public sector.

It also ignores the #WalkAway movement.  One that could cripple the democratic party for years to come.  The left appears happy to try and silence this group instead of actually understanding their complaints of their policies.

Speaking of policies, that leads to the biggest problem of democrats in the upcoming election.  They have allowed people like Sanders and Ocasio- Cortez to forefront the party’s future.  Add in the outspokenness of other Congresspeople like Maxine Waters and the party looks to outsiders like a party of hate.

And their policies, you have to really dig to even figure out what they stand for.  As the main message appears to be anti-Trump, socialism and illegals.  It brings up the question, what about the average US citizen who is starting to feel left out by these policies.

Its no wonder people are #WalkingAway.

If democrats continue their course, they could find their blue wave fizzling out and wondering what happened.

Unlike in 2006 the democrats seem to be content on focusing on anti-Trump.

Personally I don’t think its a good thing if either party folds, yet the democrats seem content to head down that path and the hyping of a blue wave doesn’t help them.