So, I really haven’t been watching this movement much but it appears to be gaining strength lately.  I decided to go and watch a few videos.

The last couple of days was spent watching videos of the WalkAway movement and videos of those on the left dismissing the movement.  It was interesting to watch.

Watching the videos I saw a theme start to develop.  These people were not walking away from their beliefs, or values, but moving away from a platform which no longer supported their ideals.

I saw several videos of people who were gay who said they had an easier time coming out to a group of conservatives than expressing a single conservative idea to their ‘friends’.

That’s a tremendous statement and showing just how toxic the left has become in recent years.  Yet, it doesn’t surprise me.

This tactic of silencing anyone within the left who dares speak out or question has been going on for years.  I first noticed it almost fifteen years ago.  I saw it happening in certain forums online.  If you dared question the ideals of the group you were either beaten back into the box or shunned and like the Catholic religion excommunicated.

Even back then I noticed a large flaw in this action.  For each person they beat back, or shunned they made their own little resistance group.  It was only a matter of time before they did this to too many and a flood of people would get their voice out.

Of course, the left fear this, so they worked hard in their attacks to silence and keep these people separated.

Again, it works so long as you don’t do this to too many people.

Then Trump was elected.  That really was a straw which one could say broke the camel’s back.  The left’s over-dramatic reaction finally pushed one they couldn’t silence.

Sure, they say he’s a bot, that all of these tweets are bots.  They even say the videos are actors, or people who are not part of the Democratic party anyways.  But once more the left shows their inability and intolerance towards others.

There refusal to even acknowledge that something is wrong is hurting them.  Right now the conservatives and Republicans are welcoming them in.  Showing these people that the monster they were told doesn’t exist.

All of this could have a huge impact on the upcoming elections.  These people who are walking away only represent the fraction who have publicly come out.  As with any such things there are more under the cover.  People who saw the videos and go, yes, I’m not alone.

A true group of such people is what the left fears.  They can’t control what they say.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a large effort by the left to shut down the YT and Twitter channel in an effort to break them apart again.  The problem is the flood has started.

The question is fast becoming will the democrats, and far left, acknowledge their mistake?