Kaepernick Again in the News

I have mentioned Colin Kaepernick before but lately I read an article on MSN about how players in the NFL overwhelmingly think he should be playing.

Um, no, just no.

I love my NFL team, they didn’t do so well, but there is promise for the future. But Kap, I never liked. I never saw him as the ‘great’ player that so many ‘experts’ say he was.

I grew up rooting for the 49ers, the great QBs of Montana and Young, the Super Bowl championships. It was a great time, but alas, the team fell upon hard times.

Then along came Super Bowl XLVII. Everyone raved about Kap, he was the next coming of Montana. Wait, hold on, he barely played any games. Let’s wait to see how defenses react. And they did, they adapted and Kap never did.

Kap, instead of learning and growing went to the path of political activist.

Anyone with a brain would tell you what a mistake that is. Kneeling for the anthem was bound to be controversial and polarizing. Sure, he went and asked a veteran about it, but one veteran might be okay with it, another would find it upsetting (and vis-versa).

Now with this poll the NFL players think he should be back playing. You obviously are not listening to the fans who consider him a plague to any team who might sign him. Nor is he really a starting QB, a mediocre back-up QB at best.

One thing which really struck me was the poll at the end of the article, something NFL players should pay attention to. The poll question was, are you more, or less likely to watch an athlete who discusses political issues.

Of the 200k replies so far, 67% said less likely. That’s, 137k who might turn it off. Players, you have a job not because you’re a good athlete with a set of skills, you have that job because people wish to see those set of skills.

Piss off the customer too much, they stop buying tickets, merchandise, etc, who pays for your large salary? Like anyone those wealthy owners will only put up for losing money for so long.

If Kap wants back into the NFL, he must repair the damage he’s done with the fans.