A Dark Conspiracy to a Dictator

I am going to start this post by giving a disclaimer.  This is a conspiracy idea, not factual, nor is it real (at least I hope it never become real).

We are closer than ever before in our history as a country to having a dictator.  No, I do not mean Trump, or anything the left thinks that he was a dictator, but a true dictator as we find in history.

The country is currently run by a President who many feel is unfit for the job, especially mentally.  Many think Biden is not the one who is calling the shots, but a group of either aides, or some other group, who are making all the decisions and Biden is only a front.

This group of elites is the biggest threat to our Republic, bigger than any enemy country we’ve faced, or terrorist group.  They hide in the shadows manipulating everything in order to gain power.  This is why the Biden administration has appeared slow to a crisis, either on purpose or accident.

Now, what will happen is this, and yes, this is the dark path to the dictator.

There is already a piece put into place, the insurrection which happened on Jan. 6.  The press and democrats have hyped that event for months framing Trump supporters, Republicans and conservatives as an enemy of the country.  This bit is important for later on, but a first step upon Biden being elected.

Now, I do think the withdraw of Afghanistan caught the elites by surprise, but will be used.

Growing contempt for Biden grows, especially among the groups labeled by the elites as enemies of the country.  What happens next is Biden is assassinated.

Cue the outrage by the left, democrats and media who frame some conservative, Trump supporter, Republican for the act.  The elites now have set up the next phase of their plan.  Harris is moved into the position of President.

She isn’t the dictator, merely the next step to it.

This is where either the true dictator emerges.  Using the 25th Amendment Harris nominates a replacement Vice-President.  Using the overwhelming wave of public opinion against conservatives/Republicans this person is voted in by Congress and any debate is swept aside.

Within months of this person taking the VP role, Harris is either forced to resign, or somehow removed allowing this person to now become President.  The darkest path is she is also assassinated which would allow the next phase to occur.

This phase sees the dictator, and elites, round up anyone who they view as a threat to their rule.  Tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of people are rounded up and put into ‘re-education camps’, but that is just the beginning of the purge, and what follows next is the attack against leftist groups, artists, media, and celebrities.

Again, this is a conspiracy.