Drag Queen Poses Nude with Kid

Have you seen the pictures, or read about the recent articles of a Drag Queen posing nude with a 10 year old kid?

You heard that right, posing nude with a kid in the picture. Years ago that would have been frowned upon by all groups. Today is very different in that it matters who is nude now.

To the left, championing such groups means they put blinders on to anything bad in the groups. But if this had been done by some conservative group, the left would be screaming pedophile.

This really shows how bad the left has become. They do not care about such things as long as it furthers their championing some ‘victim’ group. The problem is they do not realize the harm they do to society as a whole.

I get annoyed when a news article goes around about some Christian (I’d say religious by the left defends muslims here as well) and a child. They rush to condemn all Christians as pedophiles and such, yet ignore other things like this.

To me, I see this as the left forcing one group over what is safety for everyone. Such actions will harm society over the years and its only a matter of time before it is acceptable among the left to have sex with a child.