Illegal Immigration

Government shutdown, everyone screaming about illegal immigrants, no, that’s only the right as the left denies there is such a thing as illegal immigrants.  Everyone blaming everyone for this problem.

I am not sure the wall is the answer, but border security is needed.  I say this yet the left only seems to care about not building the wall despite the real dangers of the modern world.  Even our ancestors had more common sense than today’s leftists.

Let’s look at one area which is critical in not only our safety, but health as a country.

Illegals coming across the border are not vetted, as such they are not subject to many requirements that other groups are.  This is dangerous and has a potential to be deadly.  That means many are not screened for diseases which can enter the country.

No big deal, we’re protected, have a great health system, or so the left would say a conservative (after all we’re not for single-payer health care).

But this is a big and dangerous deal.

The left allows cities like San Francisco to ignore federal immigration laws to protect illegals.  These same illegals who came across unscreened for such diseases.  The same who are probably not vaccinated.  Nor do they go to established healthcare but flood ERs across the city, and country.

Taking San Francisco there is an additional concern.  Mid 2018 several articles came forth talking about how dirty the city was.  We’re not talking about dirt in the streets, or trash, but poop, shit, crap around the town.  So much so that a ‘poop’ patrol was established to handle the crisis.

This poop isn’t dog, or cat, or rat, but human.  (And I’m willing to bet this increase is due to the illegal population, not those who have been living there for years and decades.)

Take this situation, add in illegals who have the potential to be carrying a nasty disease and you have a crisis waiting to happen so long as nothing is done to prevent it.  One big warning is the false Ebola care in Sweden.

Yes, it turned out to be false, but really, do we wish to take the chance?

Sure, not every illegal is some thug wishing to do harm.  There are many who truly wish to have a better life.  So its with this as well that I push for things like the wall.  Its for not only the safety of the citizens, but those who wish to come to this country.

Don’t we owe it to them to provide a safe, clean, and healthy society?