Milkshakes, Comics and Tweets

So, there’s been a storm in the comic’s universe lately, aside from the whole SJW is ruining Marvel thing, this was something else.  It appears that a Marvel editor, Heather Antos, posted a pic on twitter of her and several other female employees.

Now, go back years ago before all this SJW triggering over every little thing, and this would have simply been seen as what it is, a group of woman who work at Marvel enjoying some milkshakes.

However, this isn’t the world of yesterday.  This is the world of instant judgement and triggering by all sides.  So let the internet flow.

To those in the picture, a few words:

First off, welcome to the real world where not everyone will like what you do and say.  That is a fact of life, one you should have learned growing up in school and college.  If you got out of college not understanding that, demand a refund, you were lied to.

Second, which ties into the first, in this day and age where everyone is judged, why are you shocked at what happened on twitter?  Marvel is considered by many to be a hub of SJWers, and posting a pic of all women editors of Marvel is bound to stir up some who are die-hard comic readers.  Are they really sexist, no, not any more than Heather is sexist towards men (and I’m making the assumption she isn’t, or at least sees herself that way).

So they see a picture of all woman editors, they’ll come out and make comments about feminism and SJWers.  Really, this wasn’t unexpected, unless you are living in a bubble.

Bottom line, Heather, you posted a picture for the world to see and were surprised when not everyone fell in love with it.