Obama Day!

Well, it appears that Illinois has gone though and passed a bill which would make August 4, a state holiday.  However, you wouldn’t get the day off if you were a state employee.

Now,my thought on all of this, utter nonsense.  Not for it at all.

Then again, I wouldn’t be for it if a state had done any of the past Presidents for the last 100 years or so.  None of them, and that includes Reagan, FDR, Wilson, Eisenhower and the rest.


Then again, I can already see the left calling me racist because I’m not on board with this momentous decision by the state to ‘honor’ Obama.  Its interesting because there is already a shift among blacks that Obama isn’t black either.

It gets very confusing especially if they are doing this to commemorate the first ‘black’ President in US history.  Its of no surprise that the state already has faced backlash from this decision.  Sure, it has some supporters but for me, its a little too early to be doing such things.

I expect the normal name buildings, airports, carriers and such after him, but a day, not for it.  It will take years, if not decades to really start understanding how good, or bad, Obama was as a President.  This only tries to reinforce a belief he was good when the verdict is still out.

Maybe in 10+ years it might be a good idea, but today, no.