Chick-Fil-A, the fast food restaurant we’ve all been hearing things about over the past couple of years.  What do they serve, a good chicken sandwich, personally I enjoy the spicy sandwich, and those waffle fries.  Its consistent, the restaurants are clean and staff is friendly.

The one near me employs a couple of people who are, well, more mentally challenged and have for years.  Of course if one listens to the far-left this chain is evil to the core.  They discriminate, are hateful, and *gasp* founded by a man with deep Christian values.  So deep they are closed on Sunday.

Yet, for all this, the chain is doing better than ever.  It leads to the question, why?

After all, the left says they are evil so it must be.  But are they?  Does the company really support an anti-LGBT stand or is it something  the left did because someone in the company did something?

Over the years I’ve known gays who worked in the restaurants and did so happily.  They never felt discriminated against by the company, or any of the so called ‘right-wing’ customers.  They employ all types of people, black, Hispanic, or other.

Yet the left has continued their attacks on the chain over the years, including blocking it from opening a restaurant on college campuses and airports.

Despite all of this, the chain is one of the most beloved in the nation.  Their calls for boycotts only seem to bring more business to their doors.  Why?

Simple, good food and good service means people come back.  The average person doesn’t care about a companies political policies, only if they get good service.  When the left blocks the chain, people are not thinking about the political issue, they are thinking why they can’t get a good chicken sandwich.

Its a losing recipe for the left on this one.  They had better wake up over the issue and just leave it alone before they lose even mose support.