So, the democrats have finally gone through and pushed ahead for impeachment against President Trump.  This time they are going after him for hindering the 2020 elections.

First, let’s think about this for a second.  The 2020 election.  Yep, considering we do not know who the democratic candidate will be for the election, the democrats already know and the President is trying shut him down already.  Despite no preliminary elections having occurred.  The first caucuses won’t occur for another five months from now.

Hmm, sounds like they’ve got the deck stacked for one candidate.

But moving on, the democrats next say that Trump threatened the president of the Ukraine to cut funding if they didn’t look into something which happened under Obama, and benefiting then Vice-President Biden’s son.  The transcript, they do talk about it, but depending on your political biases it takes different meanings.

Our biases take something which is normal and make it sound abnormal enough to support our slanted views.  This means we are not thinking clearly when hearing the words, most evident when listening in to the left-wing media over all of this.

The whole thing sounds like fishy politics, especially considering some of the things democrats have done, like tapping Trump’s campaign.

Impeachment is solely for the far-left radicals on the democratic party.  They are leaving the rest of the middle America behind.

I also don’t think such a move is good for the long-term of this country.  Such tactics can be used on the next President, and how many such calls or actions are done by Presidents?  Will very call be put under scrutiny like this until the opposing party finds something they feel is impeachable?

Let’s pull up and make public the recording of the night of the Benghazi Incident.  What would it show, especially if we use our political biases to insert words which are not there.