Political Sexual Assault and the Left

So the recent firing of Bill O’Reilly leaves me wondering about feminism and what it actually considers to be worth going after.

There is a report, ongoing, that O’Reilly propositioned some women to go back to his hotel room.  This is apparently sexual harassment to the left, after all O’Reilly is a conservative in their minds so is a dirty old man.

But it leaves a question.

What about Bill Clinton?  He after all actually  did more yet the left turns a blind cheek.  Oh, that’s in the past?  Well, if Bill Clinton did it today, would the left react as they are against O’Reilly?  Probably not.

Now, let’s add in another problem, sexual harassment from migrant muslims.  This is something which has been ongoing in Germany for a while now.  Recall the New Years Eve ‘mass groping’ incident.  You know, the one which the left blatantly ignores, or tells women they should go out in groups or dress differently to avoid such incidents.

Where is the left to support these women?

It doesn’t support the political narrative which the left wants to present.  That is anything against a white, conservative male is bad.  Any other group, we will make an excuse for you and turn a blind eye.

The left doesn’t actually care about this, but its a process to get rid of high profile people who speak out for conservative values.  After all, how dare anyone have a differing opinion.