Hillary’s Campaign

Recently there has been some new information about Hillary Clinton’s campaign and how it was run during her attempt to become the US President, and its not flattering.

The book, “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign” which is on sale spotlights several areas.  So far there are several articles as the media has tried to understand what happened despite their over the top favoritism towards her.

Jonathan Allen, who helped write the book, made several interesting comments about the campaign in an interview with Yahoo News.

“They did see what was going on in Great Britain — Bill Clinton talked about Brexit all the time. Hillary Clinton was concerned about it,” Allen said. “But she really never had the feel for what was going on in this country and how to adjust for it in the right way.”

And this comment about the e-mail scandal:

“The aides were all thinking, ‘You’ve got to apologize. We’ve been telling you you’ve got to apologize,’” Allen said. “It was an example of how the Clintons didn’t get or didn’t want to get that she needed to apologize. And eventually she did, but it took a really strong persuasion effort all the way up and down the ranks of her close friends and allies to get her to do it.”

Both point to an inability by Hillary to do things you need a leader to do.  One is be flexible.  By not getting a feel for what was going on she ignored the common voter, and she wasn’t able to adjust, or unwilling to adjust to events which were changing.  You need to be flexible.

The second comment shows she doesn’t take advice.  What good is having advisers who see what is going on, know what’s going on, and yet you will ignore their advice.  Apologizing would have done a lot, but as they said, it took her too long.  and the amount of effort was too great to make her listen to others.

The more I’ve read of her, going back to when Bill was President, the more relieved I am that Trump won.