Immigrant Medical Emergency?

So, I read a story here, and it alarms me a bit, especially if its true.  The article mentions medical staff members who were/are treating the immigrating children coming into the USA.

There is horrible stories of lice, scabies, as well as measles and small pox among the diseases in the set up camp.  To make matters worse, these children are being shipped to these camps in public transportation.  That means if these kids haven’t been taken care of before moving the camp, there is a risk of these germs, viruses, bugs spreading throughout the country.

That’s right, they don’t want the common person to see what’s going on in these camps.


If, as at the end of the article, there is nothing to be worried about, why demand secrecy?

The two people in the article mention the high demand to not say anything.  They were not allowed their cell phones, or to communicate about what is going on in there at all.

Again, why?  If nothing is serious, why the ban?

The answer is surprisingly simple, politics.  Democrats are doing everything in their power to grant amnesty to illegals.  Public opinion can shift easily, especially if bad news comes out, like this would be.  So they will use every means possible to cover the story and the media will tag along copying their masters.

We might have a ticking medial bomb, and the democrats and media want to play politics instead, while blaming Republicans.

Read the article, ask questions then decide for yourself.