Obama Threatening with Executive Orders

Recently Obama has made several claims which should make every American citizen who values the Constitution shiver.

“I take executive action only when we have a serious problem, a serious issue and Congress chooses to do nothing.”

It goes along with an earlier quote:

“I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone.”

Now, when it comes to executive orders liberals will be extremely quick to point out how many orders other Presidents signed into law.  And yes, Obama doesn’t have as many this far into his term as others have had.  But there is a huge difference liberals have chosen to ignore.

Its the fact Reagan, Bush I, Bush II, or even Clinton never publically threatened to use executive orders to get their way.

Obama is acting more like a spoiled child who has no idea how to share a toy than the leader of the United States of America.  When he doesn’t get his was, he runs to the press, whining about those mean old bullies, the Republicans, and the press eats it up regurgitating it to the public.

However, like the boy who cried wolf, Obama has done it too often.  People are starting to question his leadership abilities.  As they have, he’s lost that ability to shame his opposition into doing things his way.  As a result, he now has resorted to threatening to bypass Congress to get his way.

Government isn’t about one way to rule, if so the founding fathers would have created a monarchy.  Instead they gave us a system which has check and balances so no one person or agency could rule the entire country.

If Obama was as smart and aware of the Constitution as he said he was, perhaps its time he actually starts abiding by it.