Truth About Eye Witness in Brown Shooting

In a time of differing opinions, and tensions there always seems to be something forgotten by people.  The truth!  Yes, the truth is often a victim of the race to push the story by the media, and the tragic shooting of Michael Brown is one of them.

What is know, there was a struggle between Brown and Wilson, and Wilson did shoot and kill Brown.  Its smaller issues which are unknown, grey, fuzzy.  From what started the struggle, to what prompted the first shot.

I am not, nor will I, say Brown deserved to be shot.  He did not, and the officer should have acted better.  But let’s step back for a second and look at the situation.

What we know about what happened comes from eye witness accounts.  But in truth, as a neutral observer to the situation, is an eye witness really reliable?  Many of us will tend to believe such accounts, in most cases.  However, should we?

Science comes to the rescue for us, and gives us a chilling conclusion.

No, we can’t always trust an eye witness.  Eye Witnesses have put many wrong people in prison, and entire articles can be found over the bias of a witness as they retell their story.  A big problem is actually other people who can help modify an eye witnesses’ story.

In this case, racism, or people pushing to see racism, could have pushed eye witnesses into seeing things they did not, or skewing what they think they saw.  Even the officer’s story is effected by this bias in memory.  No witness means to tell a lie, but our minds, using these biases, can lie to us.

That leads to what is the truth?

Finding out the truth will be a long process, and people should prepare themselves to learn facts they do not wish to hear.  However, the press will continue to jump to conclusions, especially if it enflames racial tensions.

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