Does Obama Need Congress for Airstrikes in Iraq

Obama finally, and grudgingly, ordered airstrikes in Iraq against ISIS.  This after a year of Iraq officials asking for US help against the radical muslim group.  After news reports started coming out of atrocities being done by ISIS against Christians in the region.

Even after earlier this year he stated that groups like ISIS did not pose a threat to the USA.  Such groups are located on the other side of the world, not here in the USA.  But he finally could no longer ignore public pressure and was forced into action.

Now, some people are questioning his ability to order such air strikes without the consent of Congress.

Obama should not need Congress’ approval with the strikes done in Iraq.  Under the Constitution, the President, not Congress, is the commander-in-chief of our armed forces.  People were in a crisis, and the US has the power to help them out.

Each day ISIS remains in power, they are a threat to thousands of lives.  Even other countries in the Middle East acknowledge the threat.

If Obama had waited for Congress to okay a military strike it would have wasted days.  Days which the military situation in Iraq, and for those people, could have changed for the worse.  ISIS could also prepare for the strikes, by watching what Congress did.

One thing you never do, is give your enemy any advantage they might be able to use.  Now, if Obama decided to deploy troops on the ground, then, depending on the mission, Congress’ approval might be needed.

For airstrikes that most of the world approves of, no.  Any severe limitation could be used against a future President from preventing a danger to the USA, or its citizens.