Releasing the Name of the Officer in Ferguson

Later on today the name of the Ferguson officer who shot and killed Michael Brown is going to be released to the world.  There should be a mixed view on this, however, there is not.

Yes, we do deserve to know the name.  We do deserve to know the reason why this officer shot and killed a young man.  There are a lot of things we deserve to know the answer to the as the public.  After all, public servants do, and should, answer to the public.

However, there is a warning which should go along with this.  A hidden danger which can be just as deadly, if not more, by releasing the name.

Idiots, its the only name to call them, will take this as an opportunity to spew vile hatred at this man.  They will make death threats towards him, his wife, any children, and family he has.  Not to mention his neighbors who can get caught up in any of those ‘peaceful’ protests by these idiots.  This is the danger of releasing the name to the public.  These idiots ruin future events.

To make things worse, all it takes is one idiot to follow through on the threats and there is another person dead in an already tragic local story.

After the name is released, all one will have to do is look on any social media, and you will find these threats against him, and his family.  Despite the ‘peaceful’ wishes of the protesters, many times they can and do, devolve into violence.

People want justice, just remember, calling for the death of a cop, is not justice.  That is being a thug and escalating the violence which becomes part of the problem.  So, are you part of the problem, or solution?