Trucker at the Border

A video is sweeping though the internet showing a trucker approaching what is claimed to be a border crossing.  What is both surprising, eye-opening and very disturbing is how the trucker goes though the crossing.  It all looks normal, he approaches, then is questioned by the border guard.

The guard asks if he has anyone on board the truck, which the trucker says no, then things go strange.  The trucker asks if it matters at all, to which the guard says ‘not anymore’.

The guard is not even looking for illegals anymore.  To be fair, the crossing could be a normal checkpoint just north of the border, and not an actual crossing.  However, the complete disinterest in actually protecting the US borders is shocking, and should be shocking to both liberals and conservatives, democrats and republicans.  This is the attitude which will keep out terrorist groups which might become part of sleeper cells, waiting years before striking.

Of course, this is right along with some of the more liberal left, who somehow think the only illegals coming across are children.

Its time that our government stands up and starts enforcing our laws, including the laws of coming into this country.  Its time the United States moves in step with the rest of the world, and actually protect our border.  With terrorists, a flood of children, and the threat of diseases which could cross, it more important than ever the government protect the border and its citizens.

Watch the video for yourself: