Truthful Reporting on Hamas’ Cowardly Ways

While in Gaza some reporters from India recorded an interesting video.  Journalist Sreenivasan Jain and his crew watched as an interesting blue tent was erected just outside their hotel.  They watched two men come and go.

The reporter states this is a potential hamas rocket launching site under construction within the tent.  He also notes that all around the empty lot which they are filming is a heavily populated area.  It is also interesting to note a rocket had been launched from the site earlier prompting the evacuation of the hotel due to an Israel warning.

When the tent is taken down, we are informed it was three men, and that they had run cables from the location to another location.  The day after there is a report of a rocket fired from that same spot those men under the tent were working.  Watch the video for yourself:

This give outsiders a clue on how hamas is working.  They come in, set up a rocket, leave so they can remotely launch the rocket and not be in danger of an Israel attack.  They also set up these location in populated areas so any attack by Israel falls within civilian areas.  By doing this they are out of danger, and any causalities they cause can be blamed on Israel.

Its time for the West’s press to wise up to this tactic and report it.  Hamas endangers civilians by their very tactics.  Only by heroic journalists like Jain will such tactics be exposed.  Jain wisely waited until they were out of the country before releasing it out of fear of retaliation by hamas cowards.

Forward on this video, let others know.