This Conservative to Obama

Today Obama, in Kansas City, Obama directed some harsh criticism towards Republicans and conservatives.

“C’mon and help out a bit. Stop bein’ mad all the time. Stop just hatin’ all the time. C’mon, let’s get some work done together.”

News flash to Mr. Obama, I don’t hate you.  I have never met you so I have no idea how I would like Barack Obama the person.  But the moves Barack Obama has done as a President, makes me question you.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why I question every move you’ve done as President:

  • Passage of Obamacare and the disaster which followed
  • IRS Scandal and the refusal to investigate it
  • Fast and Furious, never investigated well
  • Black Panthers investigation dropped over voter intimidation
  • Refusal to investigate Benghazi
  • Snooping on reporters
  • NSA
  • German spying scandal
  • Russia and the Ukraine
  • Backing of terror groups like hamas
  • Criticizing Israel for defending themselves
  • Malaysian Airlines Flight 17
  • Plus many more

Mr. Obama, I don’t hate you because of who you are, or even because you’re a democrats, or half black, its your actions on the world stage which have so many viewing your leadership skills as lacking.  Ignoring a conflict, scandal, or world event will not make it go away.  The cold hard reality of real life is, trying doesn’t mean much if you cannot give results.

Mr. Obama, its time to buck up and stop leading from behind.  The world looks towards the USA, for better or worse, for strong leadership.  Your lack of such leadership has only empowered the enemies of freedom.  That is why you get so much flak for your actions.

The world needs strong leadership and your record is not showing you know how to deliver such leadership.