Lois Lerner’s E-mails

Newly surfaced e-mails from Lois Lerner have shown, that in fact, she was biased against Republicans and conservatives.  In several pages released, see below for a page.  Lois calls Republicans a number of names, and even insinuates they are more dangerous than foreign terrorists.

Note to Lerner, when was the last time a Republican blew up a government building?  When was the last time a Republican strapped some explosives to their chest and walked into a crowded place and blew themselves up, hoping to take as many people as possible with them?

The bias she shows is clear from the give and take in the e-mails from her to whoever she is e-mailing.  Their small-minded view of Republicans shows she had the bias to target conservative groups.

There is one more thing one should look at while reading the e-mails.  Lerner’s responses are all sent from not her computer, but her blackberry.  Wonder how that works if a single scratch can destroy her hard drive and all those e-mails?

Through all of this, democrats will continue to hold onto the party line of no targeting of conservative groups by the IRS.  The mantra they chant, and one day hope to actually believe.  Until then, the push to find out what happened so it cannot happen again must continue.



Read more of the e-mails here.