Another UN School in Gaza

Within hours two interesting articles appeared on the news outlets which one probably influenced the other, and shows how the war in Gaza is going.

The first is a tweet indicating that the United Nations Releif and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) that another UN school was found to be the hiding spot of a hamas arsenal.  This is the third time a UN funded school, which is also partly funded by the US government, has been found to have an arsenal, such as rockets which hamas uses against Israel.

The second news article is very predictable.  Israel has attacked a school and killed 19, at last count, and wounded over a 120 others.  Palestine officials state the school was used as a refuge from attacks.  But it also makes a perfect hiding spot for hamas fighters.

By using human shields they lay blame on Israel for any attack, while the press ignores the fact they are using schools to hide in, and launch attacks from.  A common tactic from the cowardly terror group, but also very predictable.  They want civilian casualties to force world pressure not on hamas, but on Israel.

The liberal press is now posting pictures of the damage to the buildings and the wounded children.  One cannot help but wonder if these ‘reporters’ who should be so good in snooping out a story, also see the arsenals being housed in such places?

For whatever reason, the press is against Israel, and doing all they can to promote hamas and its genocidal ways.  If they reported truthfully about such things, like hamas using schools and hospitals as ammo storage, staging area to attack, and command bunkers, the world would have a vastly different view of the conflict going on.