Hillary Clinton on Hamas

A recent video of Hillary Clinton being interviewed on the current situation in Israel by Jorge Ramos, a Mexican-American reporter for Univision.  The two minute video (on YouTube) shows Hillary talking about the events going on, and her thoughts on it.

She mentions a few times when she went over to talk for peace, something she probably should avoid a bit.  After all, her efforts seemed to have failed to achieve a lasting peace, like so many others. 

Hillary does start out well.  Her statement about flying to Israel is no concern, is wonderful.  It shows that perhaps the FCC was over-reacting when it banned American flights to Tel Aviv.  Her views start breaking down after that point when discussing hamas.

She states that hamas has it’s back against the wall when dealing with Israel.  Its almost as if she is giving hamas the excuse to lob rockets into Israel.  If Israel did not have the blockade, there would be peace?  Such a statement is, at best, laughable.  Perhaps if hamas did not push for the destruction of the Israel state peace might be achievable.

Next she makes an excuse for hamas putting rockets in schools and hospitals.  The reason, Gaza is a small place.  Yes, it is, but perhaps the same group that claims there is no such thing as an Israel civilian or innocent, believes the same with its people.  The same group which dug tunnels in preparation for a massive bombing campaign.

The left has a way of blaming the victim while empowering the aggressor, exactly what is going on here.  View the video for yourself: