Israel Rejects Kerry’s Truce

John Kerry, US Secretary of State, went over to the Middle East in the hopes of gaining a cease-fire between Israel and terrorist group hamas.  So far, the effort is not working as well as Kerry had hoped.

Unlike a cease-fire proposed last week by Egypt, which hamas rejected, Israel rejected the proposed cease-fire.  This raises questions, especially after a few reports lately that have come up.  One also has to look into why a group would reject a proposal for peace.

Unlike the previous offer by Egypt, hamas has accepted due the fierce fighting which has taken a massive toll on its members.  They miscalculated the resolve by Israel to come after them.  And hamas’ PR group has failed to win over large numbers to sway public opinion for their radical Islamic zeal in killing Jews.

One recent report indicates morale within hamas is on the verge of collapse.  If this is true, it explains why there is a push for a cease-fire.  The terror group needs time to reorganize, ream, and re-establish their hold on the people of Gaza.

It is sad when one group can prevent peace in an area.  Hamas is looked upon with disgust in Israel, in many areas in the Middle East, yet favorably by misinformed people in the West.  It is those people who keep this conflict from a peaceful resolution.

Only when their support is withdrawn will peace happen in Gaza.

Update, it appears Israel accepted a 12 hour deal, but not the 7 day deal.  Will be interesting to see if hamas uses this time to resupply their rockets, and regroup for another attack.