Anti-Semitic Rallies, Held Where

Anti-Semitic rallies, pro-Palestine rallies, pro-ISIS rallies and anti-Israel rallies have been held all around, but the locations might surprise you as well as what they are chanting.

AT one location, they are saying can you swim, and that Moses will not be around to save you among other insults hurled towards Jews.  However, the location of this protest/rally is not in some Middle East country, but Boston, Massachusetts.

Andin another protest, held on July 4, the crowd chanted ‘Down, Down USA’, and ‘Down, down, Israel’ while gathered in the city of Hague.

Its amazing how such chants of death threats, wanting to kill people, and tearing down of other countries is considered all right by so many on the left.  These people cannot be reasoned with in the normal way.  They will lie to you and stab you in the back.

When will the left wake up to this tactic?