ISIS vs. Christians, the Unreported War

An unreported war is being fought in the Middle East and not being reported by the Western press.  ISIS is going after Christians living in the areas which have been ‘captured’. Its to the point where some are even calling it a religious genocide.

In the past few weeks ISIS has cut off water to Christian towns.  ISIS killed a Muslim professor because he dared to stand up for other Christians, the human thing to do.  They rule through terror and fear with no one willing to stand up to them.

The group also told any Christian living in the area they had a couple of choices, either convert to Islam, pay a protection fee, leave or be killed.  And the latest news is they are pushing for women to undergo genital mutilation.

The amazing thing about all of this, is the silence coming from other leaders and press around the world.  The UN who criticized the United States for shutting off water in Detroit, and is looking into war crimes against Israel, has done nothing.  In fact, one could argue that the West has actually helped groups like ISIS.

With so much against groups like ISIS, ranging from anti-gay, killing others for their religion, war against women, and so much more its amazing how the world turns it back on what is going on.

If what is going on is not enough to wake people up, what will?