Cop Shoots Australian Woman

By now, the news of what happened in Minneapolis may have reached you.

A woman from Auatraila called the cops and upon approaching the officers was shot by one of the officers.

This is something of a dream for those anti-cop hating leftists.  So it begs the question where is the outrage from them?

It appears there is a huge problem for them.  First off, the cop who did the shooting was an immigrant from Somalia.  Second, the cop was muslim.  And third, the woman was white not black.

So because the shooting doesn’t fit the talking points of the anti-cop idiots, I mean leftists, they have no reason to talk about it.  Indeed, instead they’ve started something else, defending the cop.

Yep, that’s right, they are defending the cop.  A recent CNN article actually defends the cop in why the officer shot the woman.  It appears she slapped the car before approaching the window where she was shot.

Yep, because she slapped the cop car, that is reason enough to defend her being shot. It sounds almost incredible at the stupidity until one looks at the motivation of the left and reporters.  You see, this doesn’t fit the narrative they want to push.  They blame the cop they go against two things they must support at all costs.

Muslims and immigrants, oh, and it doesn’t hurt the victim was white.

Once again the left shows its not what is done and who, but how it fits their narrow-minded narrative.