Modern Feminism

So while watching a video on women in the military, I read an interesting comment. A lot of guys wouldn’t hesitate to jump on a grenade to save his fellow soldiers.
Would a female?
In society all too often we see and hear about how a guy sacrifices himself for others, yet I can’t recall many stories of the opposite. Guys are engrained with that, its biological to protect the female.  But that is considered wrong and sexist to the modern feminist.
Watching an Israel military commander talking with feminists was like him talking to a wall.  The feminists didn’t want to hear how women are being hurt in training at very high rates, up to 50% in some cases.

They also didn’t want to hear from former women soldiers how the feminist push for equality caused them permanent, physical harm which they live with everyday.
Let’s change course on today’s feminists.
What about how feminists say we should raise boys and girls?  All too often we read about a push to make boys play with dolls and girls play with trucks.  What if they don’t want to play with those toys?
It seems like we live in a society where we are telling boys and girls what to play with, not what they want to play with.  If a boy plays with a truck, he’s seen by feminists as sexist.  If a girl plays with dolls she’s being limited by society pressures put upon her and they think a girl should like.
They talk about not shoehorning boys and girls into specific gender roles, yet they ignore the freedom of choice.
Its been proven that men and women do think differently.  But instead of that being embraced by the modern feminist, they double down ignoring it and trying to force a change which goes against biology.
Of course science is ignored here by the left because it fails to support the narrative they are pushing.
 Its even to the point on some areas where if a woman mentioned they do not support the movement that’s hate speech.
No, hate is not allowing a woman a choice of who she wants to be, not who feminists want a woman to be.
My mother was a homemaker, and raised three children.  My dad helped, but was also a workaholic and provided a good life for us all.  Both were traditional men and women, raised to respect others.
Today’s feminists would call them both sexist, tell them how dare they take the traditional path.  I ask what’s wrong with that traditional path?
Why can’t men be men and women be women?  Does that somehow treat one badly?  Where are women discriminated against in the Western society?
I’ll support the feminist movement more when they start coming out against what is going on in the Middle East, against genital multination and the oppressive governments like Saudi Arabia.  When they actively speak out against the oppression by islam.
Instead, feminist target those who would be their ally, demeaning him while snuggling up to an enemy.  But then again, that is the left’s way.