ESPN Firings

So, word came out that 100 people at ESPN are losing their jobs.  What is telling is what they are doing and how people are reacting to it.

Numbers are down over at the sports channel, the one which when it first came out wow its audience.

It was sports, sports, sports.  24/7 sports and all types of sports.  One could listen to ESPN news and get all the scores, up to date information, and the latest rumors of your team.

What happened?

In the past couple of years ESPN has grown increasingly political, more specific left-leaning political.  They cater to the SJWs and pandering of the political narrative of the PC crowd.

Honestly they forgot who watches their programming.  Why people tune in to watch them.

Though, for me their demise started when they failed to renew the NHL contract and brought in, poker.  Poker isn’t a sport.

Then it got political, shoving the leftist agenda down people’s throat.  Of course doing that is never a good thing and makes people like me wonder if anyone at the station said, “wait a moment, aren’t we alienating half of our fan base?”

Perhaps if they actually took a moment to consider this, they wouldn’t have gone out of their way.  Instead they caved into the SJWs, feminism, BLM, racism, and other left narrative groups somehow thinking it wouldn’t effect their ratings.

Its another lesson to learn for companies.  Yes, the left shouts loudly while the right doesn’t.  But the right, they speak with their pocketbooks.  Its why when boycotts of places like Chick-fil-a failed and Target succeeded.

Memo to ESPN, drop the politics and stick to sports.  People go to your channel to watch sports, not hear about politics.