Busy News Day Yesterday

Two major events happened yesterday.

First off, Malaysian Flight 17, a 777 airliner, was shot down by a missile over Ukraine.  Now things were confusing at first, and some on CNN even said there was no way a missile could have done this.  By the afternoon the US had come out saying it had been a missile attack.

The major culprit is considered to be a buk missile system firing a SA-11 missile.  Both sides have this weapon system, but if it turns out to be a different missile, then intelligence agencies may be able to pinpoint who did it with more accuracy.

This will all depend on how much access investigators get to the crash site.

The second event occurred shortly after the US announced a missile had shot down flight 17.  Israel, after a five hour truce launched a massive attack in Gaza against hamas positions.  Their objective seemed to be hiding spots, tunnels and weapons that the terror group was using to attack Israel.

With hamas actions it is clear there will be no peace as long as the terrorist group only wishes to destroy Israel.

The history here is deep and complex, too much for a short post like this.  However, any country which has been subjected to missile barrages as Israel has deserves to defend itself.  The rest of the western world, however, seems to not understand, especially those on the left.

Groups like hamas are losing support even among those in the Middle East, its time for the West to realize the poison that they are.