Israel’s Defensive Offensive

Gaza, a small area of land under contention for decades, and did not have to be, has led to the rise of terror groups like hamas.  These groups go out, buy weapons with the intention of killing Israel citizens.  They care nothing for any civilian living in Gaza, women or children.  As a result of their narrow-minded focus those living in that small area are poor.

To complicate matters,  these same terrorists use the weapons to launch attacks into Israel.  time and again such attacks occur.  Israel is so concerned about such attacks they have what is called the ‘Iron Dome’ defense to intercept such attacks.

How successful has it been?  Some 1200+ missiles have been launched and only 2 deaths.  A phenomenal success rate for any country.  The problem is hamas continues to launch these rocket attacks.

It comes down to what choice does Israel have?

Realistically, none if it wishes to survive.  It has to go on an offensive against the hamas groups.  Reality shows no country in the world would allow so many missile strikes into their sovereign land.  In order to protect its citizens it must go on the offensive to defend itself.  So why do so many think Israel is in the wrong?

They have been misinformed about the history of the conflict.  They believe Israel somehow took over the land, or was given to them by the USA, or UN.  No, it was British land split into two after WW2 with the help of the UN.

There is also the sympathy card groups like hamas use on many on the left.  By using women and children as shields, and dressing as normal civilians, hamas claims everyone killed is innocent.  Liberals do not wish to pursue deeper into the facts because they view the fight as poor Middle East people against the evil, rich, white Jew.

Maybe one day they will finally listen to the facts instead of the made up lies of hamas and other terror groups.