Malaysian Flight 17

Earlier today a Malaysian airplane, flight 17, a 777, crashed in the Ukraine.

Rumor and speculation swirl over what happened to cause the crash and the deaths of 295 people of multiple nationalities.  It appears that it was shot down by a missile, but by whom it is still muddy.

Around the time of the flight’s crash pro-Russian rebels stated they had shot down a Ukraine military transport.  This has since been retracted after the news of the civilian airliner had crashed.  This could have huge problems with the rebels and Russia if the rebels did shoot it down.  If it turns out to be true then the surface to air missile was more than a hand-held system.  It would bring into question the weapons Russia is given to the rebels.

Of course the rebels are pointing to the Ukraine.  They say only the Ukraine has the weapon system, or a fighter, to shoot down the airliner.

There is also a rumor that the missile came not from a pro-Russian group, or the Ukraine, but Russia.

It is a terrible tragedy and the hope is answers are brought forth quickly.  It has brought forth once again the conflict in the Ukraine, something Putin probably did not want.