Liberals New Buzz Word

Anyone following the immigration crisis may have noticed a disturbing trend lately.  The elimination of the word immigrant when talking about the tens of thousands of children immigrants.  They no longer use the words illegal alien either, they have become migrants.

Now, doesn’t that word make you feel so much better.  They are only migrants, seeking a better life and coming to America.

That’s what the left wants you believe.  Once more playing on people’s emotions instead of using real facts.

The fact of the matter is these immigrants are being helped up here.  Honestly, this many children making their way up and through Mexico without any adult help is naïve.  The administration has already said they wish to accept these children, then reunite them with their families!

As a country, we’ve tried amnesty before.  It did not work.  So it begs the question, why are liberals doing the same thing over and over again to expect the same results.  Simple, they want more mindless voters who will vote democrat, that it.  Sorry illegals, they don’t care about you, only your potential vote.

So, this new word is a play on your emotion and the media lap-dogs are following along like good sheep.