Unemployment Rate Numbers

Well, the unemployment numbers have come in, at least the first numbers which of course will be changed in a couple of months.  On the surface, they appear to be all right, but are they?  Some 280k jobs were added, and unemployment dropped to 6.1%.

Liberals will tout this as great, look at well Obama is doing.  He needs good number after his poll number recently fell to the lowest he’s had, and after a Supreme Court defeat on Monday.

Mathematically a lot doesn’t add up very well.  Long term unemployed shrank, as did the unemployment rate, yet the percentage for labor force participation rate remained the same at 62.8%  That means out of 1000 adults of working age in the USA, only 628 are either working, or looking for work.  That number is the lowest since December 1978.

The economy is growing, hopefully, and I hope the President’s stand on immigration, and upcoming Obamacare laws don’t strangle this before it can heat up.