Pelosi Distancing Herself From Gruber

Recently one of the architects of Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber, came out with a very damning view of the American voter.  He was caught stating that view, not once, but twice on camera.

Now, other liberal sources are quickly running to prevent any damage to their already battered image.  The media isn’t saying much, and ignoring it like they always do because a democrat would be hurt.

But now Pelosi has come out with statements of her own.  “I don’t know who he is,” she told reporters. “He didn’t help write our bill.”

But that is not all Pelosi said about this issue.

“So, with all due respect to your question, you have a person who wasn’t writing our bill, commenting on what was going on when we were writing the bill, who has withdrawn some of the statements that he made.”

The problem for Pelosi, and democrats, is she has been caught in another lie.  According to reports Pelosi’s office and staff have referred to Gruber not one, but several times when telling Americans how Obamacare would reduce spending.

Gruber has also, before recently, been noted as a person who helped write parts of the bill.  But because he has been caught in this sudden storm of controversy democrats are dropping him faster than a hot potato.

Perhaps the most telling part is Pelosi’s reactions to it all.  She wants to ignore it, bury it and not answer the question. She even repeated her line of it was a year ago.

“Mr. Gruber’s comments were a year old, and he has backtracked from most of them,” she said. “That’s really important.”

No Congresswoman Pelosi, what’s important is someone who is associated with your party is calling the American people dumb, and you are not addressing the issue.  You think the only important part is that its a year old and he’s ‘backtracked’ on most of what he said.

I am sure that if some Republican had made a similar statement, you would not care if it was a year old, or if he backtracked on what he said.  You would tell the world how Republicans are against the average American citizen.

Well, this is the democrats saying the average American is dumb, and you’ve done nothing to change that image.