The Illegal Game

Immigration has been quite the hot topic ever since the election, in which the Republicans won the Senate and kept the House.  President Obama has gone on to focus on this topic.

Really, you hear from both sides the normal talking points, especially democrats lately about how this is a topic which needs desperate resolution.   Yet where was this resolution over the past six years?

Recall the years 2009 and 2010 when Democrats has a super-majority in both the House and Senate.  Democrats seem to forget this convenient recent bit of history and instead focus on the years of Bush from 2001 to 2005.

They ask why nothing was done during that time.

Let’s answer in terms they can understand.

Democrats wanted amnesty for illegal immigrants while Republican wanted to secure the border before doing anything.  Neither side had the votes to pass what they wanted.  The result was a stalemate.

But during the first two years of Obama, the Democrats did have the votes needed.  Instead they wasted their political power, and good feeling by the country on Obamacare.

Now democrats are racing once more to try and be relevant by pushing amnesty on everyone in the USA.  The leadership of the Democratic party appears flustered that their message is not being received well, not only among the conservatives, but even among liberals despite massive media pressure by their propaganda machine.

Really, this simple analogy explains what is going on.

You are on board a ship, it has a whole and is letting in water.  The crew is split between two factions.

The first group wants to add another water pump.  This being Republicans who want to export the illegals.  The second group wants to paint a new waterline and say everything is all right.  This is how amnesty would work which Democrats want.

Neither side is actually looking to solve the problem and the citizens of the US know it.

So, dspite the fact that voters have come out saying they do not want amnesty, Obama and the democratic leadership is hell bent on carrying it out.  They know the consequences, and it’s almost as if they want it to happen to destroy the Constitution.