The Latte Salute

With all of the problems President Obama is facing with low poll numbers, the last thing he should do is be filmed being disrespectful to the troops.

But, that’s exactly  what has happened when his own staff posted a video of him existing Marine One and saluted two military personal.  The President was holding a cup in his right hand, and it seemed like nothing in his left hand.  What did he do?  Gave a half-hearted salute with his right hand, while still holding the cup.

People who saw the video quickly named it the ‘Latte Salute’ because the cup does resemble a Starbucks coffee cup.

The salute also angered many, especially those who have served in our military.  Liberals cry what is the problem, which only shows the problem.  They have no sense of honor, as a result they have trouble showing that honor to someone else.

Obama had two solutions, change the hand he was holding his drink, or give a nod in acknowledgement instead of a poor salute.

Watch the video yourself, what do you think?