Wear Gold in September

Thanks to the good work of Aaron Rodgers, and the Blaze, I became aware of this important topic once more.  Every October while watching the NFL players around the league don funny looking pink shoes, towels, socks, etc in support of raising awareness and money to fight breast cancer.

Now, thanks to an 11 year-old girl named Annie, a forgotten group is gaining recognition in their fight against cancer.  Annie lost her twin brother to pediatric cancer in 2012.  Seeing the pink worn in October gave her an idea to help spread awareness of children with cancer by wearing gold.

All too often when thinking of cancer, we think of older people who have lived, had children, been married, experienced the joys and pains of growing up with a ‘normal’ childhood.  We forget that children can be stricken with cancer.  Their lives, parents, grandparents, siblings and friends are all affected.

These children do not have the normal lives we had, yet, in their pain, hardships, and struggle to survive, all too often they are forgotten by society.

Help raise the awareness and spread the word, wear gold in September.  Visit Gold in September, join the cause.