Obama’s Waning Popularity

The media continue to play up Obama’s popularity, as he remains popular with left wing reporters.  But to the average person who is still struggling to work, or is working harder and seeing less return in their paycheck, things are not as rosy.

Add in a few more problems that the President has caused himself and its no wonder that his job approval is now down lower than 40%.

But what, despite the press trying their hardest to improves Obama’s fortunes, is causing this downward move in his approval.  Reality is hard to ignore when it is there to easily read.

First off, it was a dismal August for the President.  What went wrong?  Plenty.

Starting with mounting international reports on the radical muslim terror group ISIS.  This is a group which Obama said back in January he considered a JV group.  That ‘JV’ group is now murdering thousands simply due to the fact they did not believe the religion ISIS does.  In fact there was a post here on that very problem.

Then came the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson.  Everything sent every which way in this crazy, mixed up, and still misinformed story.  The administration failed to reassure anyone, or any side, that the correct steps will be taken to assure future problems like this will happen again.  Instead they focused on race, as normal, which will not solve the issues.

Then the beheading of James Foley by the group called ISIS.  Again, the President delayed doing anything about it, and when finally he made his speech, it was apologetic in nature, and refused to even acknowledge the radical muslim nature of the group.  To make matters worse, he went from there to golfing, forcing the administration and other left liberals in the press to protect his decision.

Of course then Obama went on and when asked about any strategy against ISIS, made his now famous comment, ‘We don’t have a strategy yet”.  The comment caught fire not only among conservatives, but even the left and the rest of the world recognized the lack of leadership qualities.  It seemed to stun many on the left that such a smart President could say something so stupid.

Once again the administration had to go into overdrive to spin the President’s words.

Then you had an open letter to Obama from the parents of Aaron Vaughn, a special forces SEAL who was part of the team who went in and got Osama bin Laden.  In their letter they ask Obama to resign due to lack of leadership.

And last, came the beheading of the second American journalist which Obama seemed to almost wish never happened.  He is now forced to do something about ISIS, yet his earlier remarks make anything he now says seemed, weak.

The real question is how has his numbers not fallen even further?  The only answer is his supporters do not wish to heard anything bad about their President they elected.  They cannot admit that perhaps, they made a mistake, but because they cannot do that, the rest of the world suffers for it.

Of course this doesn’t even take into account his threats of amnesty for illegals.