Joe Scarborough’s Thoughts on Obama’s Speech

A couple of days ago the sub-human group known by many names, including isis, isil and IS, beheaded American James Foley, a missing journalist, on video.  It was released for the entire world to see and watch, though many are not listing the video due to the request of the family.

The next day, President Obama took time off his busy vacation out in Martha’s Vineyard to make a few comments about the crime.  His speech fell a bit flat, as it was the actions afterwards which caught people’s attention.  He quickly headed back out for his tee time.

Now, Thursday morning, and on Morning Joe, on MSNBC, Joe Scarborough had some comments to say about the President’s speech.

“They are negotiating with Spock with a pitching wedge here,” Scarborough said at one point.

Mr. Spock, well, he is right about one thing, Obama has not shown much emotion about the entire situation, in fact, he’s been disengaged it seems.  Its almost like he does not wish to speak ill about isis.  But Joe continues on:

“I’m merely pointing out these are horrible, horrible optics domestically, but internationally… for terrorists, it’s basically like ‘screw you. Screw you, we’re not going to live by your rules.’”

Joe, honestly, a big ‘screw you’?  Seems more like he’s saying screw you to the American people.  He takes this threat to American lives so seriously, he goes golfing, can’t miss that tee time, can he?

Finally, Joe mentions that Obama’s lack of interest is somehow the right message.  The problem is, if they want our attention, it means the next act of terrorism will be even greater.

There was a man over a hundred years ago, a President, who had a famous statement, ‘speak softly, but carry a big stick’.  Today, that same phrase would be translated to ‘speak softly, and carry a gold bag’.