Reporters Force NFL On Michael Sam

Michael Sam, the NFL’s first openly gay player before being drafted was cut by the team that drafted him in the 7th round, the St. Louis Rams.  Talk to any expert about only football, and they all say pretty much the same, it would be difficult for Sam to make the Rams.

Last year the Rams were one of the top teams in sacks, 3rd with 53.  The Rams were already deep with talent with defensive ends.  There was no guarantee that Sam would even make the team.  So when he was cut it surprised no one except the left-wing media.

How dare the Rams cut their darling, their hero!

And the typical liberal response came.  People like Luke Russert from MSNBC.

“The reason Michael Sam isn’t on any active rosters isn’t because he can’t play and isn’t because of the media circus, the reason why there is a slowness to signing him to a practice squad is probably because he’s gay.”

There is no mention of what football scouts said, only the fact that he is gay.  Then you have the NFL working to get a team to resign Sam.  Is there another instance of the NFL stepping in for another player like this?

One can say in response to Russert, the only reason he is on a team is because of the media circus you and others are spreading due to the fact he is gay.  If they focused on his actual football talent, they might understand why he was cut.

It appears Tony Dungy was correct when asked about why he would not draft Sam, because he did not want the media circus.  People like Russert have proven Dungy right.  Even the Cowboys who signed Sam to the practice squad have already expressed doubts of his ability to reach professional level.

Liberals should take this lesson, fans don’t go to games for a players sexuality, but to see their team win.