Ferguson News

News is coming out about Ferguson quite often now.  So let’s get a quick recap of some things which have been said and done since the shooting of a young man named Michael Brown.

Shortly after the shooting, news reports came in about what happened.  The main reports focused on police brutality as accounts came out that the officer shot the young man, who was an innocent bystander, and unarmed.

However, something have come out now that challenge this first impression the media gave.  The same one which has fueled the violent protests that followed.

First off, Brown was not shot in the back.  Autopsy reports have shown Brown was only hit from the front, and in the arm.

Second there are conflicting reports of his ‘surrendering’ as some witness stated.  Several new witness have come forth stating the Brown not only taunted the officer, but rushed him as well.  This story is backed up by a video where you can hear a witness make this statement moments after the shooting.

Third, Brown was not the gentle giant the media tried to portray him as.  Video of Brown shoving and being openly hostile towards a shop owner shows clearly the opposite of what the media tried to hide.  He was a part time thug.  Brown probably did have good qualities, but like many, he had a bad side as well, and that side is what led him to trouble.

Aside from that, additional news reports have come out, including the Missouri governor calling out the National Guard to help restore order in the town of Ferguson.  Of course the administration knows nothing about this.  A typical claim by Obama over an over again throughout his Presidency.

And, on MSNBC, a resident of Ferguson has accused the media of escalating the violence.  The same violence which has resulted in mobs looting stores, and shooting two people, injuring others, and causing massive disruption to the town and its residents.

“The residents have been pushing media back. They’ve been urging media to fall back. They’re saying that the media and the attention [are] encouraging some of the more violent reactions here” she said during MSNBC’s coverage of the situation on Monday night. And that walking around with a camera brings “a different scene”

The call by a Ferguson resident was either dropped, or cut off by the station.

The media understands its power, yet when it comes to things like this, they deliberately provoke the people towards not peace, but violence.  I guess that’s what sells.